A-Babies v X-Babies

A-Babies v X-Babies 1

Big Boy Words Skottie Young (and cover)

Pretty Picture GuriHiru

Alphabet VC’s Clayton Cowles

Babysitter Tom Brennan

Executive Babysitter Tom Brevoort

Babysitter in Chief Axel Alonso

Cover Dated December 2012

When this first came out, I looked through this think, maybe, six times to see if Kitty was anywhere in this thing.  Then UncannyXMen.net recently did their review of it.  Which made me go back to the Marvel Database and doubly make sure she wasn’t in it.

This entire comic is super cute!

We know we are in for a fun ride with the very first page is a little message :

A-Babies v X-Babies Editor Note

I did buy a comic where babies are fighting with each other and I sort of love it!

There are two streets in Marvelous Meadows – Fury Drive and Xavier Way.

The plot of it is that Captain America is going to sleep, saying good night to all of his teddy bears and notices Bucky Bear is gone!  He looks outside his window to see that Cyclops has taken Bucky Bear!   oh no!

Captain America shouts, Avengers Assembled!  Baby Avengers start coming out of their cribs.

Cyclops tries to gather the X-Men, but they don’t have a catchy battle cry.

A-Babies v X-Babies Mega Fight

A giant fight erupts.  Power Pack is there.  Spider-Man webs Colossus.  Bishop and Luke Cage are fighting.  Thor comes in riding Beta Ray Bill.

It is awesome!

Captain America is about to take Bucky Bear from Cyclops, when Iceman snatches it.

When I found out that the Pet Avengers made it to the issue, I knew I must own this issue!  Magneto grabs Bucky Bear, and Thor throws his hammer at him and the hammer and the bear go through a house.

A-Babies v X-Babies Pet Avengers

Wolverine finds the hammer, but look who is in that toy chest!  The Pet Avengers.  Look how cute Plush Lockheed is!  Lockjaw, Throg, Redwing and Hairball are there too.

There is even a Red Ronan, HERBIE and Rocket Raccoon!

I also like how the blocks spell out – Go! Wolvy Snikt

So very cute!

Hulk shows up and throws Wolverine into space.  Once there, we see Galactus nursing from a moon.

Hulk loves Bucky Bear, but loses it once Thor’s hammer returns.  Bucky Bear bounces around.

Cute moment with Storm and Black Panther, holding hands.  They get interrupted when Daredevil doesn’t see them.  Get it?

Issue ends with Jean with the Phoenix exploding and Cap gets Bucky Bear back, but at the cost of the neighborhood!

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Big Brother 16 : Sunday – September 14, 2014

We will see who won HoH.  Get nominations.  A third thing, perhaps?

Caleb won HoH, Frankie should be concern.

That was a waste of twelve minutes for us fans that follow the online websites / blogs.

We looked at the schedule, this is an odd week.  Tuesday / Wednesday episodes then a Best Of / Never Before Seen Footage episode on Friday.  Then it looks like no new episode until Wednesday.  For once, Big Brother isn’t leading into Survivor.  Survivor is leading into Big Brother, which is how it should be.

Let’s hope this season of Big Bang Theory has less emphasis on Dr. Sheldon Cooper.  But he won an Emmy, so that’s not happening.  Did they cut Penny’s hair?  I only saw it for half of a second but I didn’t care for it.  Could be Felicity all over again.  I doubt it as they all signed another five years contract.

Caleb doesn’t know who he is nominating along with Victoria.

Was the CBS Eye an inch to the left for anyone else?

Will the merged photos be exactly the same or a different combination of faces?  I can see it being the same.  If it is the same, the times will just be closer together – so it is still a competition.

Jury members are doing the hollas as a Luxury Competition looms.  Which didn’t happen last week?  Did it?

As the houseguests are locked in the HoH room, the jurors are downstairs making a giant mess!

I like that they got DR sessions.  Jocasta remembered to bring her phone.

The luxury competition is for the jury, that’s both funny and cruel.  A jury member wins and gets five thousand dollars.  The houseguests get to pick a jury member, if they win, the houseguest also wins five thousand dollars.

Frankie picked Zach

Derrick picked Donny

Cody picked Nicole

Victoria picked Hayden

Caleb picked Jocasta

No one choosed Christine

Christine is knocked out by Jocasta

Nicole knocks out Zach

Nicole knocks out Donny

Nicole knocks out Jocasta

Down to Hayden and Nicole.

Hayden knocks out Nicole, he and Victoria get five thousand dollars.  He also gets a kiss from Nicole.

The jury made a huge mess of the house.  They just cleaned it too.

Herd dat, I kept waiting for a montage of him saying it.

Survivor would be a better show if it emphasized the competitions more.

Nominations – Victoria and . . . Frankie.  Caleb has never been nominated, which is pretty amazing.

Did Caleb just call Frankie a queen?  That’s horrible!

Tuesday is the Eviction Episode.  Wednesday will be as well.

The live feeds will go dark sometime Monday and come back after the official eviction on Tuesday night.


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Dancing with the Stars 19


So they announced the new cast for the upcoming season back on the 3rd. I didn’t think to look until sometime after that. We don’t watch anything on ABC except for The Quest and that’s how I was reminded of the upcoming season.

Without a doubt, my two favorites going into this (and will be up to the final episode) will be Lea Thompson and Alfonso Ribeiro.

I absolutely adore Lea Thompson, I should be embarrass to say how many made-for-television movies of hers that I’ve seen in the past year. That Switch at Birth show definitely isn’t slowing her down at all with all of her side projects. She showed up for a sequence in the pilot for A-Z that I am hoping that series on NBC gets picked up.

Alfonso Ribeiro, hopefully doesn’t do the dance he’s best known for doing until several weeks into the show, as once he does it, we don’t see to see it again. Back in the day, he did this made-for-television movie, Kidz in the Wood, that I just loved. I know he’s done some work for the Game Show Network and has played himself in a few other roles. The guy has tried his best to break from his Fresh Prince of Bel Air days.

There are two other names I knew without having to look up who they were. Tommy Chong, of Cheech and Chong fame – also That 70s Show. The other being Lolo Jones, who is an Olympian who is very out about how she is saving herself for marriage. Which I’m all for celebrity virgins being out about it. I’m not sure if she was saving herself for marriage or the right guy but that’s what I remember.

The only person I recognize next is Jonathan Bennett who was the love interest in Mean Girls. He’s done some other work but he seems young to be at this point in his career. I recognize the show Pretty Little Liars, my wife doesn’t watch it, thus have no idea who Janel Parrish is. I know she’s not the one who is on the covers of magazines. That’s another young lady. Sadie Robertson is from Duck Dynasy, another show I don’t watch.

Randy Couture is not the UFC Champion I thought he was. Fasion designer Betsey Johnson, I do not know. Never came across any Bethany Mota YouTube videos. Which I do wonder when they label someone a YouTube Celebrity / Personality, if I don’t know them am I doing YouTube wrong or are they not doing enough to get my attention? Antonio Sabato Jr. is a soap actor so that explains why I don’t know him. Tavis Smiley is a Talk Show host to a show I have never heard of, I imagine it must be a show on ABC. Michael Waltrip is an auto racing champion.

Then we get to the dancing partners and some of these make sense. Poor Peta gets Chong, as she can’t be given a viable candidate as she’s still paying her dues. Karina gets the UFC champ, as she typically gets the atheletes. Just because Betsey Johnson is dancing with Tony, tells me she is super old so I didn’t even click her name. Derek dancing with Bethany made me think that she is either super hot or known for dancing. I didn’t think her Wikipedia page picture showed her to be super hot and she’s known for haul videos – which I didn’t even know those types of videos had a name. She buys something and does a review on that item. I need to get on YouTube.

Val dancing with Janel means she’s young and hot. Same sort of goes for Mark dancing with Sadie, though she does seem to be young.

I had to look it up, Lucy Hale is the famous Pretty Little Liar star. Or at least, she was on a magazine I saw at Wal-Mart. Oh! Wal-Mart is now selling Egg Nog! So great!

Cheryl dancing with the soap star could mean either he’s a decent dancer – thus Cheryl may have a chance or he’s on the older side.

Should be an interesting season. I’m not sure how well Lea Thompson can dance but she’s going to look great in any outfit that they put her in.

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Kitty Pryde Blog

Maybe I’m doing something wrong.  I bet all of the Big Brother posts didn’t help things but here’s my problem.  I like to Google “Kitty Pryde Blog” without the quotation marks, and see how many pages back I have to go before I find one of my articles.

Once, we were on page 14.  It typically is the Kitty Pryde Time Phasing Powers article that use to be our top article on this site.

Usually we are somewhere either on page 16 or 18 of a Google search.  I’m not sure what causes the drop or the raise but I would like to be higher on the list.

I read that I have to use the terms, Kitty Pryde, more, which I thought I was doing enough already but I guess I have to type her full name more.

One of the major problems is that rapper that use to go by, Kitty Pryde, before she just went by Kitty.  But all of her blogs and people writing about her and her blog, pushes a lot of the comic book websites farther down the list.

I’m not saying I should be on page one.  Pending on various other searches, we here at S&FwM, can get on page one or two but I wouldn’t mind the main searchable words being an option.

I was looking for some images from Legendary Star Lord 3 and was happy to see the blog made it to some image searches.

Like I state above, I’m not sure what is the solution but I thought if I had least let my intentions be known, then I can get this thought out of my head.  Also, maybe the universe will start helping me out as well but it gets frustrating at times.  I know we are still a relatively young blog here, and it takes time to get known.  I’m willing to do the work for that but I also want some encouragement as well.

A search for “Greatest Fictional Character of All Time” gets me also around the 16 or 18 page mark.  Just how these things work out.  Also, good to recognize that that’s page 16 out of hundreds, possibly thousands, so I should be happy with that.  And I am for the most part.  Just checked and my recent post abut All New X-Men 29 is on page 15, that’s pretty awesome!

We do show up on the first page if you type, Greatest Fictional Character of All Time Kitty Pryde, so that is pretty great.  Just need some other like minded individuals to do that same search.  Which must happen, right?

Oh, and if you know anyone from either South Africa and Portugal, feel free to hip them to this blog.  We’ve been sitting on nine visitors from those two countries for a few months now. Thanks!

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All New X-Men 29

All New X-Men 29

Writer Brian Michael Bendis

Penciler Stuart Immonen

Inker Wade Von Grawbadger

Colorists Marte Gracia and Jason Keith

Letterer VC’s Cory Petit

That cover!  Something about a winged character on a motorcycle, he must be going a great distance.

All New X-Men 29 Kitty 1a All New X-Men 29 Kitty 1b

Issue opens right where the last one left, with X23 about to gut Baby Xavier.  Which is the name the X-Men give him and I find it to be very fitting.

Jean quickly gives X23 a sit rep and Laura knows exactly what to do!

All New X-Men 29 Kitty 2

Not sure what Jason Keith contributed to the coloring duties this issue but I love it every single time Gracia can get away with it as he keeps the issue pretty much bathed in red light.

X23 stabs Baby Xavier so much that his hold on the Brotherhood of Evil Future X-Men weakens.

Jean starts fight Xavier as X23 fights Raze.  Raze makes a joke regarding how they are related.  So he’s the son of Wolverine and she’s his clone so what is a son to his father’s clone?  Comics!

Jean gets distracted by the concept of how Raze is related to Laura and Baby Xavier is able to recoup.

All New X-Men 29 Kitty attack

Kitty shows up and leads the attack.  One imagines that Kitty and the gang will be out for blood as they spent the entire last two issues being attacked mentally by Irma.

All New X-Men 29 Kitty v Magik

Baby Xavier loses control over his Brotherhood of Evil Future X-Men so he turns his attention to the proper X-Men and tells them to fight.  I wish we got more of the Kitty v Magik fight as that sounds like an awesome match up.  With their powers, who knows who would win.

So they now take their frustrations out on each other.

Other match ups are Hank v Tempus / Cyclops v Triage (more of a one sided fight, one would think) / Irma v Bobby / Angel v who is that person?  / Jean v Emma

Xavier turns to his Brotherhood and wants them to attack as well, and for his thanks, Deadpool shoots him.

I imagine the shock of being shot at, weakens his hold on the proper X-Men.

All New X-Men 29 Hive Mind

Jean and the Cuckoos take him into the Cuckoos’ hive mind.  I like how the sisters are blue and Jean is pink.

Xavier gets one last good distraction and disappears.  Magik heads out to locate him.

X23 finally gets help with Raze via an optic blast from Cyclops and then Bobby freezes Raze to a wall.

Molly Haynes can’t believe she was fighting the X-Men, she made an oath to never do that.  Not sure if I’m that interested in that story ever being told but it probably explains why she left the Runaways and joined the X-Men years ago.

Emma turns to Lady Xorn to question her and finds out that it has been an empty vessel this entire time.  This confuses Jean as last time, it was an older her in the outfit.  She is still traumatized by that knowledge.

Emma is the one who first calls him, Baby Xavier.  She’s so cutting sometimes.  That not being the best example of that.

All New X-Men Magik

Magik returns, stating that Xavier passed out in the snow.  She has her horns back on her head, I wonder what that is about as we haven’t seen any aspect of her Darkchilde persona in a while.

There is a great moment where Kitty asks if Xavier is dead and Bobby wonders if they should come back later and check on him again.  Cyclops tells them that today’s lesson is to be better than your enemies.  He is still haunted by the death of his mentor, Professor Xavier.  Though he was being manipulated by the Phoenix Force, so it really isn’t much different than say all the times Wolverine has been mind controlled and doesn’t care at all about those he hurt or killed during that time.  But Cyclops is a better character than Wolverine, so that makes sense that he would be haunted by his actions.  No matter the excuse.

Future Beast has a new time cube and is getting everyone back to the future.  He tells young Hank that people are going to blame him for nearly everything that goes wrong and for the most part, they would be right but that Hank should try to start being a better person and prevent some of the nonsense that is credited to him.

Cut to the Raft.  Apparently the X-Men dropped off Xavier and Raze there to become prisoners of SHIELD – so expect these two to break out and escape pretty soon.  Let’s start a clock on it!

I do like Maria Hill being a smart character.  If the X-Men say don’t take off the power dampeners, please do not take off the power dampeners!  Unforunately, Xavier is given a piece of paper so he can write a note.

Cut to the future where Raze is giving his time-travel-is-the-answer speech and how they will write their future selves letters so that they can try again.  Which I’m still confused by, so once this group goes back in time (but not before this adventure) does that mean there are three Xavier Juniors and three Razes running around?  One would think so or are they overwritten once the future ones go back to the present?  I’m sure that isn’t how time travel works.

Issue ends with Warren offering to take Laura out on a motorcycle adventure, which she agrees too.

Cyclops wonders if that is his motorcycle that is speeding off in the distance.  These X-Men, they can’t keep their motorcycles at all!

Pretty good issue, glad we have passed this sequel to Battle of the Atom and now we can go onto bigger and better adventures.

Next issue’s cover has X23 kissing Angel.  Will it happen within the comic, or will it not like with the cover with her kissing Cyclops?  Also, she really isn’t that type of character, just kissing random guys.  She isn’t Jean Grey.

Hopefully Kitty can finally do more than suffer major migraines and lead the All New X-Men cast again.  Also, that Magik should totally join this team, officially, as well!

If you follow me on Tumblr, I used mostly other people’s images for this post (pretty obvious as they are cropped and everything) and my rule with Tumblr is that I will follow people who I borrow their images so thanks to all of those people who are taking the time to make all of these images!

Our Tumblr page is :


I’m still new to it so I’m not sure if Tumblr works like Twitter and you can see who I follow but I follow people who usually post images from comics.  Very handy site, in that regard!

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Big Brother 16 : Wednesday – September 10, 2014

Who went home?  Who is the new HoH?  How much of a role is the Rewind Button really going to play?  Will Julie Chen be horrible?  Will Frankie be even worst?  Let’s Get Excited!  It is Random Thoughts time!

Lousy President Obama delayed the episode by 18 minutes!

I had already forgotten that Dan was going to be on tonight.

Chenbot dressed as a biker chick of class.  Must be connected to Sons of Anarchy starting their final season.  Gemma has to be brutally murdered this year, right?

35 minutes left on the countdown clock.

Production must have the pre-reveal down to the minute.

Jury House!  Going to be a packed episode.

But First!

Victoria is crying, she must know – for weeks now – that she was never going to win this game.  She finally realized that being the last girl really means that the rest are boys, so alliance is there.

I would not lay in bed with another lady in the house.  Only dudes!

Is Frankie and Derrick wearing the same green shirt, while in the bathroom?  Must have been from a competition.

Victoria doing a decent act of throwing Derrick under the bus.

Cody likes Chenbot.  Odd

My wife gets the Derrick / Dan comparison.  Derrick is playing a combination of Dan’s two games, but a nice guy version.  Memphis = Cody / Danielle = Victoria, my wife is one smart cookie.

I forgot all about the shout outs.

Kneecaps are, without a doubt, are the most unattractive part of the human body.

I miss Zach and the show clearly misses him.

Donny made a joke about Christine needing a lawyer, that shut her down harsh.

Glad Jury is Pro-Derrick.

Julie is not dressed like a biker chick, it was just really shiny at first.

Three minutes on the clock!

Are they doing the votes just to undo it?

The clock alarm just went off as Derrick stood up to vote.

Who stole Victoria’s suitcase?

Dan and he is live twiting.

The week just got rewound.  Does that mean Jeff and Jordan are not engaged?  Does Cody have to wear the dino suit again?

Yes, Cody does have to wear the costume again.

Is PoV going to be the merged face competition again?


That seesaw comp took hours to do!

Dan is right, only Derrick and Frankie should win the season.

I wish Chenbot treated it like this was the first time she was reading it.  Also, that the houseguests were in the same positions.

Can’t believe there are only two weeks left.  Next week is super sized, apparently.

But First!

Sunday, Jury returns to the house

Tuesday, Eviction – Final Four named

Wednesday, Another Eviction – Final Three

Friday, a can’t missed episode

Also, on the Talk, Chenbot gets her face covered by either a giant spider or a slew of smaller spiders.  Here’s hoping it is smaller spiders.  Surprised the live episode doesn’t always include a plug for The Talk.

Thanks to Jamie’s Big Brother, Because You’re Addicted blog, we know who won.

. . .

Who won?

. . .

Last chance to not learn who won it

. . .

The Winner and new HoH is

. . .


So excited!  He has to nominate Frankie and Victoria.  Frankie can’t win PoV.

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Big Brother 16 : Tuesday – September 9, 2014

The first Tuesday episode in a while!  Who won PoV?  Will it be used?

Seedy battle, oh narrator, you get the best lines

Victoria is already retelling how her season was like, but getting it all wrong.

Derrick is the Robin to Victoria’s Batman.  I sort of love her now.

Caleb likes to share, does he not have close friends outside of the house?

Will someone who has no interest in Under the Dome, watch it just for a brief look at Denzel Washington’s The Equalizer?  I wouldn’t bet on that.

The houseguests start losing their minds around the button.

Jewi-chops?  Judoy-chops?  Oh Caleb

Veto Competition, all play but one at the time.  How do people not know how long everybody else took?

The Face Match Game!  They haven’t done this in two or three years.  Use to be a stable

Funny how Caleb didn’t recognize his own eyes.  That is completely understandable.

These are not as fun to watch after the first person goes.  In past years, houseguests would spend hours in front of the memory wall, just for this competition.

I do like seeing the houseguests’ comments on their own merged faces.

How does the scripted portions of the show work?  We never see them with note cards.  Are there any poster boards around the set?

If Frankie was going to win it, I would have had any one read the scores.

Frankie, the definition of a sore winner

Ever notice how inexpensive the food is in the storeroom?  I saw several one dollar bottles of soda.  Makes sense, the food budget must be up there with the electricity bill.

Jeff and Jordan, from seasons 11 and 13

Team America Task – Keep everyone awake looking for a rodent.

Oh Cody, don’t stand on chairs to get away from a rat

Derrick made an Exterminator reference from last season.

I love Derrick and Victoria’s Rat Patrol handshake

Mission Accomplished!  It would never work again.

Frankie has won 9 comps

Caleb 5

Derrick and Cody 3

Victoria 1

I feel like those numbers are wrong.  Victoria has three wins, I believe

Frankie would not get any votes if he turned on the alliance.  Except, they have to vote between two people and he may still be the best option to win.

Speeches :

Cody should have said, two of three best friends.  Victoria is really harping on being the last lady standing.

Frankie is not using the Power of Veto.

Production stole three minutes from us!

Dan, the greatest player to ever play the game will be on Wednesday’s episode!  So excited!


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Legendary Star Lord 1

Legendary Star Lord 1

Writer Sam Humphries

Penciler Paco Medina

Inker Juan Vlasco

Colorist David Curiel

Letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna

I had to add the Midtown Comics variant to my Wishlist.  Such a fun cover of Rocket hitting on Kitty with Quill shocked in the background.

Issue opens 20 years ago, after the funeral of Quill’s mother.  Quill narrates that he did not have a good life after that, as he lived in an orphanage.

Which segues us to the present, where he is in an alien orphanage.  Some Badoons (the race of aliens who killed his mother) are trying to rob the orphanage.

Quill’s mask thingie, from the cover, disappears.  I am not quite sure what its function is.

The Badoon are there to steal the Mandalay Gem.  They imply that is also why Quill is there.

I prefer to refer to him as his last name rather than his hero name.  Probably due to him not really having a set uniform.  Seems like the only constant is his mask / helmet thing.  Face guard, maybe?  Also, his last name is one word, hero name is two.

There is a bounty on Quill, so the Badoon take him alive.

Once on their ship, they take his gun but can’t work it.

The alien who wants Quill alive is. Mr. Knife.  Quill, nor I, have heard of him.

The leader asks what the Guardians of the Galaxy have been up to that they haven’t heard of Mr. Knife.  We are treated to a splash page of what they been up to.

Medina is a terrific artist.  My only problem is that there are two images of either flirting or about kissing that I don’t care for.  I doubt he and Kitty have had the talk about if they are going to see other people, when they are apart.  They haven’t defined the relationship yet.  Which we all know from the Definitions episode of HIMYM that it is very important to do so.

There is also a cute section where Quill, Rocket and Groot are enjoying a round of karaoke.  Which is Japanese for, empty orchestra.  We learned that in the Pineapple episode.

For fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy, there are plenty of references to the team.

In the break out new character of the year, Thumbnail – the ship’s resident muscle – hates repartee and knocks Quill out with a lead pipe in the cell.

Thus, we come to my favorite three pages of the title :

Speaking of which, my pal Kaiolino screen capped the second image :

Legendary Star Lord Kitty 1

Legendary Star Lord 1 Kitty skype

Legendary Star Lord Kitty 3

Thanks!  I really like these two characters together.  I know in issue three, Kitty is physically going to be in the comic and that is going to be awesome!

I added the first and third image.

Curiel does an excellent job with Kitty’s Skype coloring.

I like how Kitty has been calling him, that makes sense.  He is essentially a space pirate, so she has to make the first move and he will have to call her back.  Plus, he probably has no idea what time it is on Earth. Also, she is busy too.

I like how he is all concern about the safety of Earth, until he notices she is in bed.

She tells him that she is grading papers, but it looks like she is reading a book.  Also, what papers is she grading?  The New Xavier School doesn’t do actual school work.

Rocket calls Quill, Baby Boo.  My wife calls me, Boo Boo Baby, so now I feel a little closer to the character.  She also calls our son, Walker Dennis, Baby Boo Boo.  We are pretty cute here at Klein Manor.

The Badoon eventually hear talking and investigate.

Thumbnail hates cute talk, I know it doesn’t make sense for him to keep appearing, but I would like it.

Quill’s boots were not taken, so he escapes.  He blasts his way out of the ship, his face guard works as a breathing mask.  He stole back the gem.

We see a lady and her crew are watching Quill.

Quill goes back to the space orphanage, telling them that he sold the gem and gave them the money he made from it.  Turns out, he kept the gem and only gave them his emergency cash.

Issue ends with the lady captain confronting Quill.  Turns out, she is his half-sister.  She is Captain Victoria, Commander of the Spartax Royal Guard and daughter of former emperor, J-son.  I did not know J-son was no longer the emperor.  That must have happened after the Guardians of the Galaxy / X-Men crossover.

Such a great issue!  Glad I am set on getting the series going forward.  Hopefully, Kitty keeps getting skyped in.

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Big Brother 16 : Sunday – September 7, 2014

Who won the second HoH of the night?  Who got nominated?  Get excited!

Also, what does Jeff and Jordan have to say?

Jeff is going to purpose to Jordan.  Country star Bret Eldridge shows up too.

I forgot all of the boos Christine got as she exited.  Cory should also get lots of boos.

Wow, Frankie called it within seconds – a reset button.

Is it a real button?  Or just a picture of a button?

The button is housed in the old Have Not room.

Who is going to press the button?

Surprised that the audience booed Christine, I heard the audience is typically just production crew.

Frankie talks to Cory about how the boos were due to Christine’s casual abuse of her wedding vows.

Victoria left the room and the boys have a big ol’ group hug.  She is next out of the house.

HoH Competition is Farm Related.

Does Production always air the host reading the rules of the competition, then immediately air a DR session with another person repeated the rules with a slight variation?  Seems like an odd choice of television time usage.

Looks like the rain was an unnecessary obstacle.

Frankie and Caleb seem to be equally good at this competition.

Caleb just had to reset!  This does seem to be one of the hardest competitions Big Brother has done.

Frankie won HoH, there goes that plan.

Frankie should nominate Cody and Caleb.

They now have the option to press the button.

I would wait a few days.

I do love that they are discussing it.  There is a countdown clock now that they pressed the button.

Victoria, being the last lady standing doesn’t result in anything both in or out of the house.

Caleb needs to put on some pants!

I love how nervous they get when the doorbell rings.

I am a bigger fan of Jeff than Jordan.

Ever since Walker Dennis came into our lives, I get super sappy about these things.

Jeff and Jordan have known each other for five years.  #BBProposal

Jeff brought her puppy.  And her family!  I have a little tear right now.  His family showed up as well.

The show sort of stopped.

Houseguests showed up with a cake.

Bret Eldridge, who I have never heard of, sings a song.  Caleb is a fan.

I love this montage of Jeff and Jordan!  I miss those two so much!

Here is the video, thanks to YouTuber Big Brother for hosting it :

The song is, Mean to Me, or something like that.

It doesn’t matter what Frankie does this week, it all gets reset on Wednesday.  Here’s hoping they all remain civil to each other.

I wonder if Production is embarrassed that they spotlighted the Dallas Cowboys a few weeks ago and they bombed hard today.

Nominations – Cody & Victoria

Victoria has been nominated seven times!   Insane

Next episode is Tuesday night.

They screwd us all out of four minutes!

. . .

Anyone watching FOX’s Utopia?  It is supposed to be a year long and very loose Big Brother type of show.  From what we saw of the first one, it is stunningly awesome.

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Kevin Bacon


I should say this first, I’m just doing the actors I recognize, but can update the list as necessary. Also, I’m only including films of his that there is at least one other actor I recognize.


Animal House

John Belushi
Tim Matheson
Donald Sutherland

Starting Over

Burt Reynolds
Candice Bergen


Hero At Large

John Ritter


Steve Guttenberg
Daniel Stern
Mickey Rourke
Tim Daly
Ellen Barkin
Paul Reiser


John Lithgow
Christopher Penn
Sarah Jessica Parker

Mister Roberts

Joe Pantoliano


Jami Gertz
Larry Fishburne
Louie Anderson

White Water Summer

Sean Astin

End of the Line

Holly Hunter
Marry Seenburgen

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Steve Martin
John Candy
Michael McKean
Matthew Larence
Ben Stein

She’s Having a Baby

Alec Baldwin
Paul Gleason

Criminal Law

Gary Oldman

The Big Picture

JT Walsh
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Michael McKean (again!)
Teri Hatcher
Fran Drescher
Roddy McDowall
John Cleese
Martin Short
Elliot Gould



Fred Ward
Reba McEntire


Kiefer Sutherland
Julia Roberts
William Baldwin
Oliver Platt
Hope Davis


Kyra Sedgwick

Queens Logic

Jami Lee Curtis
Linda Fiorentino
John Malkovich
Joe Mantegna

He Said, She Said

Elizabeth Perkins
Nathan Lane
Sharon Stone


Kevin Costner
Tommy Lee Jones
Joe Pesci
Laurie Metcalf
Gary Oldman (again!)
Michael Rooker
Sissy Spacek
Jack Lemmon
Walker Matthau
Donald Sutherland (again!)
Ed Asner
John Candy (again!)
Wayne Knight
Vincent D’Onofrio

A Few Good Men

Tom Cruise
Jack Nicholson
Demi Moore
Kiefer Sutherland (again!)
Kevin Pollak
JT Walsh (again!)
Noah Wyle
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Christopher Guest
Joshua Malina

The River Wild

Meryl Streep
David Strathairn
Joseph Mazzello
John C. Reilly
Benjamin Bratt

Murder in the First

Christian Slater
Gary Oldman (3rd time!)
William H. Macy
R. Lee Ermey
Mia Kirshner
Kyra Sedgwick (again!)

Apollo 13

Tom Hanks
Bill Paxton
Gary Sinise
Ed Harris
Clint Howard
Loren Dean
Xander Berkeley

Balto – cartoon (voice work)

Bob Hoskins
Bridget Fonda
Jim Cummings
Phil Collins


Jason Patric
Brad Pitt
Billy Crudup
Ron Eldard
Minnie Driver
Robert De Niro
Dustin Hoffman
John Slattery

Picture Perfect

Jennifer Aniston
Jay Mohr
Olympia Dukakis
Illeana Douglas
Kevin Dunn
Sean Patrick Thomas
Kaley Cuoco

Destination Anywhere

Jon Bon Jovi
Demi Moore (again!)
Annabella Sciorra
Whoopi Goldberg

Telling Lies in America

Calista Flockhart
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Luke Wilson

Digging to China

Evan Rachel Wood

Wild Things

Matt Dillon
Denise Richards
Neve Campbell
Bill Murray
Robert Wagner

Stir of Echoes

Illeana Douglas (again!)
Jennifer Morrison
Devin Dunn (again!)


My Dog Skip

Frankie Muniz
Diane Lane
Luke Wilson (again!)
Harry Connick Jr.
Clint Howard (again!)

We Married Margo

Tom Arnold
Cindy Crawford
Erik Estrada

Hollow Man

Elisabeth Shue
Josh Brolin


Steve Martin (again!)
Helena Bonham Carter
Laura Dern
Elias Koteas
Scott Caan


Charlize Theron
Courtney Love
Stuart Townsend
Dakota Fanning

Mystic River

Sean Penn
Tim Robbins
Marcia Gay Harden
Laura Linney
Laurence Fishburne (again!)
Emmy Rossum
Ari Graynor

In the Cut

Meg Ryan
Mark Ruffalo
Jennifer Jason Leigh (again!)
Patrice O’Neal

The Woodsman

Kyra Sedgwick (3rd time!)
Benjamin Bratt (again!)
David Alan Grier
Michael Shannon


Kyra Sedgwick (4th time!)
Aidan Quinn
Sherilyn Fenn


Kyra Sedgwick (5th time!)
Sandra Bullock
Matt Dillon (again!)
Oliver Platt (again!)
Marisa Tomei

Beauty Shop

Queen Latifah
Alicia Silverstone
Andie MacDowell
Alfre Woodard
Mena Suvari
Djimon Hounsou
Sherri Shepherd
Wilmer Valderrama

Where the Truth Lies

Colin Firth
Rachel Blanchard

Death Sentence

Kelly Preston
John Goodman
Aisha Tyler

Rails & Ties

Marcia Gay Harden (again!)

Saving Angelo

Eric Close

The Air I Breathe

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Brendan Fraser
Andy Garcia
Clark Gregg
Emile Hirsch
Forest Whitaker
John Cho
Kelly Hu
Kari Whurer

Frost / Nixon

Frank Langella
Michael Sheen
Olvier Platt (3rd time)
Sam Rockwell
Clint Howard (4th time)

My One and Only

Renee Zellweger
Chris Noth
Nick Stahl
Steven Weber
Eric McCormack

Taking Chance

Tom Aldredge
Mike Colter
John Magaro
Paige Turco


Elephant White

Djimon Hounsou (again!)


Rainn Wilson
Ellen Page
Liv Tyler
Nathan Fillion
Michael Rooker (again!)
Linda Cardellini

X-Men : First Class

James McAvoy
Michael Fassbender
Rose Byrne
Jennifer Lawrence
January Jones
Nicholas Hoult
Oliver Platt (4th time)
Ray Wise
Zoe Kravitz
Caleb Landry Jones
Lucas Till
Edi Gathegi
Jason Flemyng
Alex Gonzalez
Glenn Morshower
Matt Craven
Rade Serbedzija
Michael Ironside
Hugh Jackman
Crazy, Stupid, Love

Steve Carell
Ryan Gosling
Julianne Moore
Emma Stone
Marisa Tomei (again!)
Crystal Reed

Jayne Mansfield’s Car

Robert Duvall
John Hurt
Billy Bob Thornton
Marshall Allman
Ray Stevenson
Ron White


Jeff Bridges
Ryan Reynolds
Mary-Louise Parker
Robert Knepper
Mike O’Malley

Skum Rocks!

Alice Cooper
Matthew Broderick
Fran Drescher (again!)
Ron Jeremy

6 Miranda Drive

Jennifer Morrison (again!)
Ming-Na Wen
Paul Reiser (again!)

Black Mass

Johnny Depp
Benedict Cumberbatch
Dakota Johnson
Rory Cochrane
Juno Temple



Played himself in an episode of Will & Grace “Bacon and Eggs”

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