SDCC 2014

San Diego Comic Con was the disappointment I thought it would be.  Hopefully, the next convention has more of an X-Men presence.

Newsarama did title the AXIS Panel as such, so I didn’t read it until yesterday.

Bendis said he would make his Marvel announcements at the Cup of Joe Panel :

No new X-Men news.  Seems like they just promoted the same news that anyone would have found in the solicitations.

Newsarama didn’t even cover this panel.

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Amazing X-Men 8

Amazing X-Men 8

Writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost

Penciler Ed McGuinness

Inker Mark Farmer

Colors Rachelle Rosenberg

Letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna

World War Wendigo Part One of Five

So great to have Kyle and Yost back on an X-Title!  They have been amazing in the past with New X-Men and X-Force.  They killed characters in New X-Men before but the way they killed people in X-Force was mind bending!  So, of course, the best way to show that they still have it after these years of not being on an X-Title, is to do what they did at the start of this issue.

At the CC&E Meat Co., Ontario, Canada.  52 Hours Ago.  Rick believes Eddie is assisting with his wife with cheating on Rick.  He doesn’t listen to reason and kills Eddie with a punch and Eddie falls back, breaking his neck on a corner of a table.  Proving that hardhats are pretty limited on how they protect people.

That death is gruesome but not Kyle and Yost gruesome.  So what does Rick do?  He puts Eddie’s body into a meat grinder and lets that meat mixture get packaged up.  So we obviously know now how the Wendigo portion of the story gets involved.  Wennnnnndiiiiigooooo!  If a person eats human flesh, and in Canada, then you are prone to become a Wendigo.

Ottawa, Canada.  We get to the reason why I own this issue :

I only own this issue as when Logan is hanging out with Heather Hudson, he gets a call on his cell phone which displays an image of Kitty Pryde phasing her hand through Iceman’s head.  Logan really needs to change that picture.  I like the idea of Logan telling Bobby to stand still for the photo and then Kitty having a little fun and Logan shrugging his shoulders and just going with it.  Feeling silly in the first place for taking the picture and not wanting to ask for a second one.

My good buddy Slicknickshady was nice enough to screencap this for me :

Amazing X-Men 8 Kitty Pryde on Wolverine phone

I bet he keeps it on there just so he can see Kitty’s face every so often.  I mean, how often can Bobby be calling Logan, anyways?

I really like the way McGuinness draws Heather in this scene.  She looks like a normal lady but also, pretty great looking.

Turns out Heather’s husband, Gladiator, is missing on a mission the Canadian government sent him on.  Good think Wolverine brought his new body armor – though the art makes it seem like it is mostly clothe.

There is an ad for Legendary Star Lord 1, I can’t wait for it!  I already know that I have to buy, one day, the Midtown Comics variant for the first issue as the Dodsons are placing Kitty on the cover.  So excited!

The Jean Grey School.  This is the part of the issue that seems to be getting people talking.  Colossus is joining the title!  We first see him bear hugging Nightcrawler and cracking his ribs!  What a horrible human being!

They joke about how each of them has been to the other’s funeral.  Then they joke about how often their friends died.  Storm enters the room and notes Colossus is there and moves back on to looking for Logan.  She’s one track mind, at the moment.

She goes around asking where he is.  Firestar is seen with a horse, which must be a shout out to her miniseries.  Her poor horse, then, was killed by Emma Frost to try to make Firestar sad and easier to manipulate.  Firestar hasn’t seen Logan but also that he stinks.  Beast follows this up with how Logan stinks too.

Iceman has seen Logan and knows he is in Canada.  Storm is mad as everyone is apparently under orders to tell her of any Wolverine sitting.  This must be, before he left all of the titles.

Forrest, Canada.  McGuiness and Farmer make the old school Vindicator costume look good!  We get a neat way of Logan tracking Guardian’s movements by having both of their movements mirror each other.  Pretty great use of the format.

Logan can tell this wasn’t a good situation.  Logan tells Heather to run, to get everybody she can here.

The Jean Grey School.  Storm is hassling Rachel and strangely, Rachel is taking it.  She really should just be pushing Storm to the ground and kicking her in the gut, that’s the Rachel I know.  She doesn’t respect Storm, as she hasn’t deserved it.

Storm makes a reference to how she can get teen Jean to use Cerebro to locate Logan.  This, somehow, manages to motivate Rachel and she finds Logan.  Logan is apparently scared – Storm can’t believe it, as Logan is never scared.  Which is silly as by this point, we’ve gotten seven issues of Wolverine’s newest volume of his, and the previous six issues of his last volume, all dealing with his lack of a healing factor and how scared he is all of the time.  Poor guy can’t even shave without getting the sweats!  Which I never get the sweats when I shave, thus, I am better than Wolverine.

Heather is freaking out and trying to call Puck.  He doesn’t answer his phone as he is boning his teammate’s daughter.  I wonder if Shaman knows about this?  Talisman should know better!

We see Windigos just beating up Heather, one even bites her!

We find out why Logan is so scared … there are eight Windigos in front of him – and they are all mad!

Next issue, the team goes after Wolverine!  I doubt I’ll be getting that issue but who knows.  With Nightcrawler and Colossus on the same team, and Kyle & Yost’s love for using continuity – which I adore about them – maybe the Kitty Pryde references will keep up!  If they do, that’s one issue they have sold!

Iceman, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler and Firestar – that’s the five team members of this title.  I’m a sucker for five member teams of the X-Men.  This is the Paul Smith team but Firestar instead of Kitty and Iceman instead of Wolverine.

Not a horrible team, a little heavy on weather mutants – Iceman, Storm and Firestar.  But I also like how they are all mainstays too, with Firestar being the introductory character here.


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Big Brother 16 : Thursday – July 24, 2014

Random Thoughts!

Who goes home (Brittany or Donny) and who will be the Head of Households!

Let’s see if Julie Chen can keep the quality going!

I can’t tell if I like her blouse, it does look nice.

Zach has a sock monkey!  We love those here at Klein Manor.

Cody is crying like a bitch.  Should have put up the person you wanted to.  Play your own game.  Geez

Oh come on, don’t keep crying about it

Donny hinting at mysterious force in the house is funny.  Donny knows Cody is part of a large alliance.

Donny can’t and shouldn’t trust anything Cody has to say, especially to his face.

Caleb campaigning for Brittany, is nice.

Oh man, I figured they would air something about Frankie – I just hope they wouldn’t.  Just have Julie say tell us.

Julie handled her interaction with Frankie nicely.

I hate Chenbot asking for motivations of gameplay.

The Four Have Nots are the four laziest.  I can get behind that.

Nicole – Caleb – Christine – Derrick, that’s interesting

Is there a way to verify those numbers?

Going to Nicole’s family?  That seems weird and too soon.

Better than Hayden’s family, I suppose.

Nicole’s nickname is, Coconuts.

Nicole turn down Hayden’s marriage prop, harsh

Nicole’s dad, I like him


Brittany looks old with that makeup.

Brittany’s speech was pretty earnest and appreciative

Donny’s speech, shout outs to home!  He knows he is safe, so his speech was okay

Live Vote!

Jocasta – Brittany

Nicole – Brittany, still cute in that Germantard

Hayden – Brittany

Amber – Brittany

My wife pointed out everyone ids nicely dressed, so HoH competition should be a quiz

Derrick – Brittany, did he sit there the entire commercial break?

Caleb – Brittany, Chenbot made a guide reference to him being a hunting guide

It is official, Brittany is going home.  Shoot!

I guess Nicole is my new favorite lady houseguest

Oops, it is Caleb with the sock monkey.

Brittany has a good read on the house.  She is wrong about Caleb being in charge.

Did compete quite a feat with your feet – Chenbot probably rehearsed that for hours

Brittany got some lousy farewll messages.  Thankfully, Donny saved it.

What type of fuck up question is that from Chenbot!?!  Of course, she is excited to go home to her kids.  Stupid Chenbot.

Brittany’s kids are adorable!

HoH Competition!

My wife was right, quiz.

Hayden v Christine – Christine won, chooses

Donny v Jocasta – Donny won

Caleb v Frankie – Frankie

Amber v Victoria – Amber

Donny v Derrick – Derrick

I can’t understand the words to these country songs

Zach v Nicole – Zach

Amber v Christine – Christine

Derrick v Frankie – Frankie, he’s the first HoH.  Derrick gave it to him, which is nice.  So Frankie can get something positive from home.  Plus, he is safe regardless.

Zach v Christine – Zach, the second HoH

Zrankie are HoH!!!

NCIS : New Orleans, still tempted because of Scott Bakula

Oh Chenbot, we all know why Derrick threw the competition, why ask the stupid question.  She is the worst!

Team America Task – Puppet Master, they have to get two houseguests to yell at each other at either PoV or Nominations ceremony.  So dumb, but the other option wasn’t great either.  Production making them earn their five thousand dollars.

. . .

Two last Brittany pictures before we forget all about her and move on to Nicole.

BB16 Brittany ExHusband

BB16 Brittany ExHusband 2

. . .

For anyone keeping track, I shouldn’t have bought Ultimate X-Men 90.  I should have bought issue 91.  Dang it!

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Big Brother 16 : Wednesday – July 23, 2014

Random Thoughts on the episode! :

Something happened to our DVR and we only got seventeen minutes of the show!  Super irritating!

Then football is going to start screwing up the Thursday episodes.  Stupid football.

See are my thoughts on what we could watch and what I could learn online.

Cody is the official HoH.

Brittany is still the target.

Zach just talked about Brittany’s boobs, on national television.

Caleb is creeping the house.  Cody and Amber didn’t lock the door and he let himself in.  Glad they didn’t stop holding hands.

Brittany trying to make friends with Caleb, be careful!

Caleb will vote to keep Brittany.  Yay!

PoV Players -

Cody – Zach

Victoria -Nicole

Brittany – Caleb, via Houseguest Choice

Everyone is surprised about her choice.

The show stopped right once it came back from commercial break.

Brittany didn’t win Veto.

Victoria is brought down, as she won it.

Donny has gone up as the replacement nominee.  Even though Cory told him, he wasn’t going up.

Brittany’s punishment is to kick 2400 goals in 24 hours.  That sounds horrible!

To make my wife happy, I will gladly pay the price of Brittany going home and keeping Donny.  Donny is the bigger threat, so the house will probably get rid of him – but I’ve been wrong before.

Lastly, our thoughts are going out to Frankie and his family as they lost their grandfather – who Frankie is named after.

Thanks to Quirkydude over at Dailymotion for hosting the episode at this link :

His official website is :

He has every episode of Big Brother, via YouTube links, that is pretty awesome!  Just click the cast picture you want the season of, and it directs you to that page on YouTube.  Super convenient!

I have to remember this site once this season is over to watch the seasons I missed.

We were able to watch the episode, so let’s pick up where we left off!

Frankie is the host!

Soccer theme.  Houseguests now know Germany won the World Cub.

I like these elimination competitions AND I really like this one where they can get prizes or punishments.

Round One – Cody, first out – gets the Veto

Round Two – Brittany second out – Penalty kick, trades it for Cody’s veto

Round Three – Zack – Germany vacation, he keeps it

Round Four – Nicole – has to kick 2400 goals, trades for Brittany’s Veto

Round Five – Victoria – $5,000, trades for Nicole’s Veto

Round Six – Caleb, the winner! – Germintard, trades for Nicole’s $5,000

Now, we know how Victoria got the Veto

Oh Brittany, why did you choose him!?!

Cody should put up Caleb, smart on every level

Frankie made a Titanic reference, crazy!

Cody has to kick himself in the butt, so funny

Frankie got to rub Cody’s butt

Nicole is so cute in her Germantard!

Donny wants Caleb to go up

Glad the houseguests kept watching Brittany, showing their support

At 12 hours to go, she has 1002 goals

If I was ever HoH, I wouldn’t share my bed with anyone

If Brittany doesn’t complete the task, she can’t play in next week’s Veto

She did it!

Cody gets convinced to put up Donny.  So dumb

Team America Task – Puppet Master or be a jerk and hide someone’s things?  These are getting worst!

Cody is an idiot for not putting up Caleb.

. . .

Remember this great moment from when Devin nominated Brittany?

BB16 Brittany Kiss

Such a great moment!

BB16 Brittany Goal Kicker

BB16 Brittany Donny on the Block

BB16 Nicole Germantard

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Favorite Wrestlers of All Time

I haven’t watched WWE since maybe 2006.  But it seems like I can’t stop thinking about the WWE and I do like going to Wikipedia and seeing what the PPVs were like and the results.

Here is my list of my all time favorite wrestlers :

1.  Kurt Angle

2.  Chris Jericho

3.  HHH

4. Kane

5.  Christian

6.  Steve Blackman

7.  Stephanie McMahon

8.  Steve Austin

9.  Shawn Michaels

10.  Shane McMahon

After Kurt Angle, the numbers don’t really mean much.  I had a hard enough time coming up with ten!  Back in 2006, I would have been able to spit out my list like a professional!

Recently, I had a hard enough time coming up with my list of my five favorite X-Men artists.  I mean, after Paul Smith, the other numbers are pretty arbitrary.

I was feeling bad for my list of wrestlers but I Googled – top ten greatest wrestlers wwe – and got this website :

and now I feel pretty decent about my list!  I was pretty dismissive of many of those wrestlers.  Undertaker should be on my list but I was never really a fan outside of the Wrestlemania Streak and now that is over (and lamely, at that), he would be a Top 25 list.  But that list would be sad and take me forever to create.

. . .

Just found the Marvel Schedule for San Diego Comic Con :

The ones I care about the most are :

Thursday, July 24th
****MARVEL: Avengers & X-Men: AXIS                                        
Time: 4:30PM – 5:30PM PST
Room: 6DE

Are you ready for Marvel’s biggest event of the year?  In Avengers & X-Men: AXIS, the Red Skull has enslaved thousands, amassed an army and now broadcasts his message of hate across the world.  Earth’s last hope hinges on the fragile alliance of two estranged teams – the Avengers and the X-Men!  A who’s who of Marvel talent and editors will be on hand to discuss this Marvel blockbuster!  PLUS, find out the latest on current and future X-titles!  Join Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, Executive Editor Mike Marts, Senior Editor Nick Lowe, Avengers & X-Men: AXIS writer Rick Remender and other Mighty Marvel guests for a rousing discussion and Q&A session!

Saturday, July 26th

***MARVEL: Cup O’ Joe
Time: 2:45PM – 3:45 PM PST
Room: 6BCF

Join us for this Convention favorite! Here is your chance to Q&A with Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, for this no-holds-barred exposéon everything Marvel. Got a question about a favorite hero? Want to hear groundbreaking news straight from the source? Need a rundown on breaking developments in Marvel comics, film, and T.V? This panel is for you!  Featuring Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, Talent Scout C.B. Cebulski, Senior Editor Nick Lowe, Editor Jordan D. White, writers Brian Michael Bendis (Guardians of the Galaxy) and Dan Slott (Amazing Spider-Man) and other Mighty Marvel guests!

Looks like the AXIS panel is going to be the ‘Also X-Men’ panel, that isn’t awkward with how the Avengers are getting their own panel.

Bendis being at Quesada’s panel is the only reason why I care about that one.

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Cyclops 1

Cyclops 1

Space Writer Greg Rucka

Space Artist Russell Dauterman

Space Colorist Chris Sotomayor

Space Letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna

Space Cover Artist Alexander Lozano

Space Editors Nick Lowe, Jeanine Schaefer and Tom Brennan

Space Assistant Editor Frankie Johnson

I really like the cover, but what is happening to the back of Corsair’s shirt?

I only bought this for the very first page, which shows the rest of the Original Five and Kitty Pryde as they watch Scott join his father, Corsair, and the Starjammers for some stellar adventures.

 Cyclops 1 First Page

The rest of the comic is pretty good too.  I imagine the final issue will end with Kitty and the All New X-Men welcoming Scott back to Earth.

I really like how well Scott and Hepzibah get along in this comic.  She is overly sexual, which older Scott was in a relationship so there was no mixed feelings there but this young, sixteen year old Scott gets along with her pretty well.  He just doesn’t have a label for what she is to him.  He settles on weird-step-mother-maybe, which is as close as he is going to get.

Scott is testing out a new spacesuit that the helmet works with his visor so that he can propel himself through space.  It seems odd though as he will have to face the other direction of the route he wants to take so he will be going at it back first but he’s working on it.

The other Starjammers seem to get along with Scott pretty well, which I like.  I’m sure they are used to taking on new houseguests and Scott keeps to himself for the most part.

Corsair isn’t sure he can be a father to this Scott.  It was so much easier with the proper Cyclops as he was a grown man, he had a father figure he already had so Corsair just had to be nice around him.  This young Scott wants to hang out with his father who he thought was dead.

Speaking of which, Scott’s narration captions about how he isn’t thrilled about growing up to be Adult Scott, is pretty amazing.  What he wants to be is what every sixteen year old boy wants to be – an astronaut / a pirate / an adventurer.  Which is all things his father is.

We see Sikorsky, who may be my favorite Starjammer, examining Corsair.  Corsair isn’t happy with the process, he’s a grown man and will do what he wants.

A small Badoon ship attacks.  Scott heads to the bridge, knowing he can’t do anything but wants to be there for support.

The Starjammers win the fire fight, and Corsair takes his lady and his son over to the ship to take it.

Hepzibah says something that Scott can’t help but to think that her phasing is sexy.  Poor boy, doesn’t have those defenses yet.  Plus, it doesn’t help that she is a very touchy feely type of gal.  It took me a moment to figure out what that extension is on her spacesuit.  It is her tail, which seems thicker than I remember but that’s one of those details that is up to the artist to decide.  I wonder how hard it is to put her tail through that section of her suit?  It can’t be comfortable.

Once they have their prisoners, Corsair gets a nice idea.  Scott sees a sword and Corsair encourages him to take it.  I like how Corsair talks to his son about how carrying a sword isn’t easy.  At first, he kept bumping into things with it and if he wasn’t doing that, he was tripping people.  Scott appreciates the story.

Corsair has the idea of taking this smaller ship and meeting with the Starjammers in a few weeks and he is going to take the scenic route with his son.  Hepzibah loves the idea.  She tells him that he doesn’t have to worry about being Scott’s father, he already is that – he just needs to worry about being there.  That’s all the boy wants.

It takes Scott a moment to realize what is going on but he gets so excited about the prospect of space traveling alone with his father.  The issue ends on a sweet moment of Corsair telling Scott that he may not know how to be the best father to a sixteen year old.  Scott tells him he isn’t good at being sixteen.  Corsair shares with him that no one is good at being sixteen.

    . . .

Hey, did you know that this weekend is the San Diego Comic Con?  There is no X-Men panel, which is lame – but Bendis has stated that he will make any announcements at the Joe Quesada panel.  Technically, the AXIS panel can work as the Avengers and X-Men panel, but the Avengers are also getting their own panel.

As usual, I will be checking Newsarama for any Con news.

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Big Brother 16 : Sunday – July 20, 2014

My Random Thoughts :

We didn’t get the Devil voice on Thursday’s episode.

I forgot we didn’t finish the HoH competition either.

Day 28, have they been updating us every week?

Jocasta is both a klutz and clumsily.

Smart to put their eggs at the top and work down.

These egg puns . . . Reminds me of Egghead from the 60s Batman series.  Which I really want that Complete series set, come this November.  But it has to be super expensive, right?  Especially the BluRay.

Frankie and Cody won!

Spent eight minutes on this footage, that I can only imagine most Big Brother viewers know about the active online community.

Frankie, the first repeat HoH.

When there is whispering, Production needs to put some close captioning up.  It is something that I would need to work on before I go into the house.  I can’t hear some whispers.

Frankie said his mother is hot.  Something I have never said about my own mother.

Cody said, explanation mark, because he couldn’t express it.

How much does Production want Arianda Grande on the show?

Another alliance?  Zach, Devin, Frankie, Christine and Cody.  Jittering Jokers, is horrible.  Detonators, boom!

Can’t believe Joel McHale is doing commercials.  Must have been before Community was renewed on Yahoo.  So excited!

Cody has a man crush on Zac Efron.  He should watch, Liberal Arts.  I also like romantic comedies.

Hayden’s is Leo DiCrappii, ooof!

Team America Task – Get nominated a physical threat – should be super easy with Frankie as HoH.  Except for dumb alliances.

Amber is not a physical threat.  Production should tell them that

Brittany working her game, with Frankie.  Is she the oldest broad in the house?  She is the hottest, so why not be the oldest as well.  Two things, she has no control over.

Uh oh, Cody might target Brittany!  Nooooo!

Now, they are talking.  Be smooth Brittany!

She was not smooth, uh oh

I might have to start looking at Nicole closer, pending on how nominations go.

Amber and Cody game talking behind closed doors, while Caleb is in the very next door.

Victoria doesn’t get no love.  She is super high maintenance.

Brittany is going to confront Victoria.  Seemed super awkward.

Frankie has morning face.

Who takes a bath wearing sunglasses?  Derrick, appare

PostNet commercial, so frustrating


Cody – Victoria / Brittany

Frankie – Jocasta / Amber

Not Brittany!

Such a lame week!  These nominations suck, on a pure entertainment level

Apparently, Amber does count as a physical threat, who knew.  She clearly isn’t who America had in mind

They could make a girls alliance right there with six members!

We are getting Battle of the Block!  With only ten minutes left!  Must be fast

Chess theme, I like that.

Brittany doesn’t know how to play chess.  I have never understood how people can get far in their life without learning to play the game.

Has Brittany been nominated three times?  I knew about two of .

I didn’t understand the rules until Derrick’s explanation.

Jocasta out first.

Next, Brittany.  Shoot!

Caleb was the host.

Victoria is out.

Jocasta and Amber won! And safe for the week.

I don’t care for Jocasta in the Diary Room.

Frankie lost his second HoH BotB.

Brittany needs to win the Power of Veto!  She seems to be the target for the week

BB16 Brittany BotB

Thanks to Big Brother Network for the quick image

Anyone else notice the lack of boobs this season?  I didn’t notice it until this competition.  I guess that is what happens when one hires only skinny ladies or actress / model types

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Fan’s Choice – Top 100 Marvel Characters of Comic Book Resources, The Results!

Justin K put together this list.

Sorry I didn’t get the voting thread up in time, it caught me by surprised and then I forgot to do a Voting post.

Results started on March 1, 2014 and went until April 4, 2014.

Here is my list and how they were ranked:

1. Kitty Pryde                        13th Rank
2. Lockheed                                    (24 points)
3. Magik                                    17th Rank
4. Nightcrawler                        6th Rank
5. Cyclops                                    10th Rank
6. Ultimate Kitty Pryde            (10 points)
7. Arcade                                    (11 points)
8. Doug Ramsey                        (19 points)
9. Rachel Summers                        40th Rank
10. Ben Reilly                        (17 points)!

Top Fan Choice Ultimate Shadowcat

Ultimate Kitty made the list with 10 points! Didn’t crack the Top 100 but still, points!

Top Fan Choice Arcade

Arcade with 11 points

Top Fan Choice Scarlet Spider

Scarlet Spider (Reilly) got 17 points!

Top Fan Choice Doug

Doug Ramsey got 19 points

Top Fan Choice Lockheed

Lockheed with 24 points

Top Fan Choice Rachel

Rachel Grey at 40!

Top Fan Choice Magik

Magik at 17!

Top Fan Choice Kitty

Kitty Pryde 13! Unlucky, but I’ll take it!

Top Fan Choice Cyclops

Cyclops made the list at number ten!

Top Fan Choice Nightcrawler

My highest ranked character, Nightcrawler, at number six!

All picture collages were created by Justin K.  I do wonder where that Kitty Pryde image comes from as I don’t recognize the artist.

Typically, the other people in the picture are who tied with them (for those who didn’t rank in the Top 100) and then those who are around them in the ranking position but, typically, not in the order that they ranked at.

Here are my thoughts on the list, with the list in a pure form at the very end.


100. (TIE) Apocalypse – Not bad for the character who has passed his prime. Plus, in 2016, will rank higher with the movie.
Human Torch – The lowest Fantastic Four member. I have to agree, I would rank him low too.
98. Fantomex – Not really a character I have much experience with.
97. (TIE) Enchantress – Decent character. Whenenver I think of her, I think of Chuck, a poster over at the old Joe Quesada message boards that loved her so much.
Moonstone – Really liked her during the original Thunderbolts run.
95. Wonder Man – oh how I hate Wonder Man. The Avengers’ Colossus.
94. Crystal – I liked her when she was married to Quicksilver, thus was part of the Mangeto / Hank Pym family tree.
93. Meggan – The lowest Excalibur member, and that’s not right.
92. Galactus – Ooof, how the mighty have fallen, but once Ultimate Kitty Pryde can single handedly defeat you, how much farther can you go?
91. (FOUR WAY TIE) Norman Osborn – Who even knew one can have a four way tie! Norman, people’s favorite Spider-Villain but he’s been done to death.
Rocket Raccoon – Rocket should be increasing popularity with the film coming out.
Kaine – Benefits from having a series out last year.
Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man – surprised he isn’t higher.
87. Firestar – Benefits from being in Amazing X-Men.
86. (TIE) Black Knight – Haven’t seen him in years.
Ghost Rider – Which one? I doubt it is Dan Ketch, who is my Ghost Rider.
84. Pixie – People like her. She was cute before Magik took a part of her soul, but I suppose that’s the point.
83. Mister Sinister – Benefits from Kieron Gillen’s astonishing work with the character.
82. Legion – With how many people like X-Men Legacy and clearly the voter turn out for X-Characters, thought he’ll be higher.
81. Dani Moonstar – My third favorite New Mutant.
80. Chamber – This character has been run through the mud in the past few years.
79. Mockingbird – Never really got to know this character, even after she came back after Secret Invasion. She married Hawkeye, so that’s pretty cool.
78. Eddie Brock Venom – the 90s were very kind.
77. M – Benefits from being in Brian Wood’s current X-Men title.
76. Juggernaut – Has he been around? Classic X-Men Villain.
75. Star Lord – Dating Kitty Pryde, so probably will be ranked much higher next time this list is made. Also, star of an upcoming film.
74. Daken – I thought he was dead dead again but he was in Uncanny Avengers as a dead Horseman.
73. (TIE) Angel – The lowest Original Five X-Man. He might be my lowest of the five as well.
Mary Jane Watson – Probably would have been higher if Peter and her were still married and she was still in the titles.
71. (TIE) Nico Minoru – Runaways! Cool that she made the list.
Wiccan – Young Avenger and son of Vision and Scarlet Witch.
69. Death’s Head – British hero, right?
68. Union Jack – Definitely a British hero. Did they vote one and then the other.
67. Sif – Benefits from being in a Thor movie.
66. Havok – The lesser Summers brother, or the middle one both literally and in popularity if you count Vulcan.
65. Reed Richards – I would rank Reed higher pending on what type of father he was last shown as being. It really bothers me that he is shown to completely ignore his family.
64. Agent Venom / Flash Thompson – Benefits from being the current Venom. People love that character.
63. Hank Pym – Will be much higher once that Ant-Man film comes out but it feels right that he is around this ranking. The lowest of the Founding Avengers.
62. Multiple Man – Probably would have been higher last year with X-Factor still running its course.
61. (TIE) Bishop – I sort of completely missed out on Bishop besides the few X-Treme issues I own.
Pete Wisdom – Deserves better than to be tied with Bishop. The lowest of Kitty’s ex-boyfriends, and the best of the lot.
59. Doctor Octopus / Superior Spider-Man – My favorite Spider-Villain.
58. Professor Xavier – Can’t believe he is ranked as low as he is but he is pretty horrible. Benefits from being dead.
57. Vision – My favorite Avenger, push come to shove.
56. Luke Cage – Probably would have ranked hire when Bendis was making him the star of Avengers.
55. Kate Bishop Hawkeye – Don’t have that much experience with her as I completely skipped out on Young Avengers. I chose Runaways.
54. Quicksilver – The lowest ranked of Magneto’s children.
53. Spectrum – I will always think of Monica as Captain Marvel, if only she was given a better hero name back in the day, she wouldn’t be on her fifth name now.
52. Spider-Woman – The original, Jessica Drew.
51. Invisible Woman – My favorite member of the Fantastic Four. Can’t believe she isn’t everybody’s but it makes sense that the only one of them to be given an ongoing series would rank higher.
50. Punisher – Punisher at 50, the halfway mark. Seems respectable.
49. (TIE) Colossus – Can’t believe the worst X-Man is in the Top 50!
Mystique – Deserves so much better than to be tied with Colossus.
47. (TIE) Cable – The last tie. The lowest ranked of Scott’s children.
Thanos – I like Thanos but I could also be okay if he isn’t seen again for a few more years. Which is his style.
45. Nova – Never been a huge Nova fan, I liked the Larsen series and he was okay in New Warriors.
44. Moon Knight – Probably benefits from having a new series coming out.
43. Iceman – The second lowest of the Original Five. That seems about right, especially have the breakup with Kitty.
42. Wasp – The second lowest of the founding Avengers, seems she should be higher but I’m not sure where she’s been appearing outside of Uncanny Avengers.
41. Jubilee – Ooof, Jubilee seems too low with how much people like 90s X-Men.
40. Rachel Grey – I voted for Rachel, the lowest of my list that made the Top 100.
39. Bucky Barnes – Can’t believe with the movie coming out he didn’t break Top 25.
38. X23 – This has to be a tough blow to Marvel’s marketing department, one would think she is much higher with how much of a push Marvel keeps giving her.
37. Hercules – I feel like I like him conceptually but only read his run on the Avengers during Under Siege and that’s essentially it.
36. Beast – Right in the middle of the Original Five, I’m surprised he wasn’t fourth as people seem to hate Beast right now.
35. Namor – I like Namor during Gillen’s Uncanny X-Men run.
34. Black Panther – I dance with Black Panther, really liked his series under Christopher Priest and he was part of Busiek’s Avengers.
33. Silver Surfer – This makes me realize that he’s the second lowest Defenders founder right after Namor.
32. Loki – Boy, those Thor and Avengers movies must really be helping Loki. That and Kid Loki.
31. Thing – The highest ranked Fantastic Four member.
30. Dazzler – People do love Dazzler.
29. Deadpool – Surprised Deadpool didn’t crack Top 25. Another blow to Marvel’s marketing department.
28. Captain Britain – Middle of the Original Excalibur. Can’t believe he ranks higher than Rachel.
27. Doctor Strange – Second highest Defender.
26. Hawkeye – Poor Kurt Busiek’s favorite Avenger, just missed Top 25!
25. She-Hulk – I like She-Hulk, Dan Slott’s two series were simply sensational.
24. Polaris – Of Magneto’s two daughters, she is my favorite, but it makes sense that she isn’t the more favorited one.
23. Iron Fist – Can’t believe he ranks so much higher than Luke Cage.
22. Black Widow – Good for Natasha! There was a time when I wanted to collect every Black Widow appearance along with Kitty but I feel like I made the right choice.
21. Scarlet Witch – I use to be a huge fan of Wanda’s until Dissembled. Just missed Top 20, good.
20. Iron Man – Really surprised (that’s my word with this list!) that Iron Man wasn’t Top Ten or 15 material. It’ll make sense once you see who largest made up the top ten.
19. Doctor Doom – When the list was being made, I had completely forgotten Doom hadn’t appeared.
18. Hulk – Another founding Avenger, the second highest.
17. Magik – Now we are talking! Illyana deserves to be even higher but good for her to be this high.
16. Psylocke – This isn’t the 90s but this shows how beloved that team was.
15. Carol Danvers – Carol is the Top 15th Favorite Marvel character.
14. Daredevil – Daredevil was another character that I had forgotten wasn’t on the list already. Very surprised that he is ranked so high!
13. Kitty Pryde!!! – Kitty Pryde, oh yeah! I wished she was in the top ten but 13, not that unucky!
12. Emma Frost – Burns a little to have Emma be one rank higher.
11. Magneto – The highest ranked villain!
10. Cyclops – Can’t believe Cyclops isn’t the highest ranked Original Five member! Glad he made the Top Ten!
9. Captain America – Go Cap Go!
8. Jean Grey – Here we go, people love Jean Grey over at the X-Books board.
7. Gambit – Also, the X-Books board at CBR is the largest board so it makes sense that so many X-Men made the Top 17.
6. Nightcrawler – My personal highest ranked character. Highly benefits from coming back to life this year.
5. Thor – Can’t believe Thor is the highest ranked Avenger founder. That’s not how I would have voted them.
4. Rogue – Probably benefits from being ‘dead’ at the moment, like that’ll last.
3. Wolverine – I thought he would be guaranteed to be ranked second.
2. Storm – I knew people liked Storm, but this much? I’m still convinced that we are not suppose to like Storm but this is the 80s holding on strong.
1. Spider-Man – I would disagree that Spider-Man should be Marvel’s flagship character but really is no doubting that people love the guy still. He sold his marriage to the devil to save his elderly aunt for maybe another ten years of life – a life of being an elderly aunt! Mind boggling!


100. (TIE) Apocalypse
Human Torch
98. Fantomex
97. (TIE) Enchantress
95. Wonder Man
94. Crystal
93. Meggan
92. Galactus
91. (FOUR WAY TIE) Norman Osborn
Rocket Raccoon
Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man
87. Firestar
86. (TIE) Black Knight
Ghost Rider
84. Pixie
83. Mister Sinister
82. Legion
81. Dani Moonstar
80. Chamber
79. Mockingbird
78. Eddie Brock Venom
77. M
76. Juggernaut
75. Star Lord
74. Daken
73. (TIE) Angel
Mary Jane Watson
71. (TIE) Nico Minoru
69. Death’s Head
68. Union Jack
67. Sif
66. Havok
65. Reed Richards
64. Agent Venom / Flash Thompson
63. Hank Pym
62. Multiple Man
61. (TIE) Bishop
Pete Wisdom
59. Doctor Octopus / Superior Spider-Man
58. Professor Xavier
57. Vision
56. Luke Cage
55. Kate Bishop Hawkeye
54. Quicksilver
53. Spectrum
52. Spider-Woman
51. Invisible Woman
50. Punisher
49. (TIE) Colossus
47. (TIE) Cable
45. Nova
44. Moon Knight
43. Iceman
42. Wasp
41. Jubilee
40. Rachel Grey
39. Bucky Barnes
38. X23
37. Hercules
36. Beast
35. Namor
34. Black Panther
33. Silver Surfer
32. Loki
31. Thing
30. Dazzler
29. Deadpool
28. Captain Britain
27. Doctor Strange
26. Hawkeye
25. She-Hulk
24. Polaris
23. Iron Fist
22. Black Widow
21. Scarlet Witch
20. Iron Man
19. Doctor Doom
18. Hulk
17. Magik
16. Psylocke
15. Carol Danvers
14. Daredevil
13. Kitty Pryde!!!
12. Emma Frost
11. Magneto

10. Cyclops
9. Captain America
8. Jean Grey
7. Gambit
6. Nightcrawler
5. Thor
4. Rogue
3. Wolverine
2. Storm
1. Spider-Man


Once again, thanks to Justin K for compiling the list and for the awesome photos!

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Uncanny X-Men Volume Three Issue 21

Uncanny X-Men V3 21

Writer Brian Michael Bendis

Pencils Chris Bachalo

Inks Tim Townsend, Mark Irwin, Jaime Mendoza & Al Vey

Colors Chris Bachalo

Last issue, Cyclops lost control of his powers in front of the Jean Grey School.

Storm wants him to leave, which is pretty insensitive of her.  Magik defends him.  Storm wants both of them gone.

Illyana loses her control of her powers, releasing a giant sandworm from Beetlejuice.  She passes out on top of Cyclops.

Beast wants to take them to his lab.  Mystique as Dazzler wants to take them with her and SHIELD.

Madripoor.  Blob is losing his mind with withdrawals.  He is a junkie dickhead, as they say.  I do like how he is still bragging about being Original Brotherhood.  It has probably gotten him free drinks and a few free meals.

Blob gets to Dazzler’s room.  Before he can do anything, she is saved by Magneto.  Magneto doesn’t recognize her at first, but after being swapped and taken prisoner in issue nine – she is saved by Magneto, of all people.

Back at the Jean Grey School.  Dazzlique is negotiating with Beast when Maria Hill shows up.  She will let Beast have one hour to figure out what is wrong with Scott and Illyana.  Which is pretty generous of her.  I like how she calls Dazzler, Agent Blaire, in front of third parties.

We see that the mutant threat version of Mysterio, who is on the cover, has been monitoring this entire conversation.  Also, he may be directly causing Cyclops, Emma and Illyana’s power fluctuations.  He takes over the Hellicarrier and unleashes its full arsenal onto the school.

Storm blasts lightning onto the carrier.

The Hidden New Xavier School.  Emma isn’t happy being left behind.  Her and the students see something in the sky, but we only is a shape.  Is it a plane or a bird?  I’m sure it is Magneto holding Dazzler.

Jean Grey School.  Firestar, fresh from a shower, and the known students come rushing out.

Maria Hill’s override commands have no effect.

I like how quick Beast figures out who us behind this.

The secret villlain comments aloud that there is one lesson Beast never learned, and how the villain is going to have to teach it to him.

Pretty exciting issue, next issue promises some answers.  Finally.

I’m glad that Dazzler finally got rescued.  That is a relief!

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Big Brother 16 : Thursday – July 17, 2014

Who went home last night, Caleb or Devin?  We’ll find out,

But First …


Look at Julie Chen in an appropriate dress.  It fits and suits her.

Writers gave her a good line to – Devin obsess with power and Caleb obsess with a girl.

So far so good.

Voiceover guy – guy who looks like the Rock, is on the block

Isn’t it too early to be visiting family?  I do like how Jeff is clearly just working for Big Brother.  Makes sense, people love Jeff.  I am one of them.

Julie said, but first!

The dumbest move to play in this game, is to not use the Power of Veto on yourself when you are on the block.

Caleb and Hayden, hopefully one doesn’t rub off on the other.

Donny and Cody are talking as they put the shades over the cameras behind the outdoor mirrors.  Apparently, my wife and the other live feeders recognize that as helping Production.

Guys whistling at Victoria, as they don’t recognize her.

Cody and Amber sharing a moment, in the dark, when Caleb spies on them.

Nicole and Hayden cuddling!

Victoria busting up Hayden’s schemes.

Look at Frankie making an appearance!  He hasn’t been around lately , on the edits.

I like the idea of voting out Caleb.

Production is going out of their way to set up Caleb leaving.

Jeff Schroeder is a Big Brother Legend.

We bought Walker Dennis new diapers, my wife said they have Pooh on them and I thought she meant, poo.

Jeff is so charming with Donny’s parents.

Does Amber own a pair of grannie panties!?!

I like Donny’s brother and sister.  His girlfriend is young and cute!

Jeff is cute in Donny’s landscaper uniform.

Julie keeping the questions upbeat and high energy.

The way the houseguests act when Julie turns her attention to a new person, makes me feel like they talk about dreading one on one questions with her.

No Half Nots competition, they will be chosen by their lack of activity from their bracelets.  Glad Production didn’t forget about those, though no one is discussing them.

Speeches :

Both are throwing each other under the bus.

Julie – Caleb is blinded by love, Devin is blinded by power.

The voting!

Jocasta – Devin

Donny – Devin

Nicole – Devin, she hoppily votes for him

Hayden – Devin

Zach – Devin

Cody – Devin

It is official, Devin is gone.  Hopefully, Caleb calms down around Amber.

Houseguests seem to be overly happy Devin is gone.  Almost to jerkish levels.

Aw, Brittany gave Devin a gift for his daughter.  So sweet.

Donny is a grounds keeper

Not a bad interview with Julie and Devin

Donny gave a nice farewell message to Devin

HoH Competition, duos!

Victoria – Christine

Caleb – Nicole

Brittany – Jocasta

Amber – Zach

Donny – Hayden

Cody – Frankie

No duos make any sense.

Scott Bakula is on NCIS : New Orleans?  Now, I am super interested in that show.  Unfortunately, I am not in my fifties.  I wonder if I can still enjoy it?

I’ve never been a fan of the egg competition.

Doesn’t seem to be a live episode friendly competition.

Only Brittany and Jocasta were happy with the pairings.

Team America task – who to nominate, floater or physical threat?  Physical Threat won, which is a shame.

Shoot the winners are not revealed on the show.

The winners are . . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

Don’t look now . . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

Here are the winners . . . CODY & FRANKIE!!!

Thanks to Jamie’s Because You Are Addicted blog for the results.  As soon as the episode was over, for us, we had the results.  Now, that is service!

I predict Cody puts up Caleb and that is how Team America gets their easy cash.

. . .

I did not know that Wil Heuser (from BB15) was already three episodes deep into his BB16 Saga videos!

This is the third episode.  Very funny and so true!

A parody of Frankie’s younger sister, Ariana Grande’s Problem video.

Which I was determined never to mention her but why fight it?

I checked and Franke and Ariana do have the same last name.

. . .

Still no magician pictures online but maybe it is due to me not giving the Internet a picture.  Perhaps?

BB16 Brittany Shades

Seems like the Internet has calmed down since last week but she also hasn’t been the target, so there was no reason to worry.

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