Daredevil Volume Four Issue 6

Daredevil V4 6

Mark Waid


Javier Rodriguez

Inker Alvaro Lopez

Colorist Javier Rodriquez

Letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna

Magik being at the site in Original Sin 2 where the Orb drops the Secret Bomb has paid off again!

Daredevil V4 6 Magik 1 Daredevil V4 6 Magik 2

The secret Daredevil learns?  Is that his beloved father, was pretty abusive to his absentee mother.  Now it makes sense.  One would think that he would remember that but he was just a baby, so that makes sense too.

Daredevil narrates that he was only  in New York because he was finishing up some business before heading back to his second home, San Francisco.

I really like how he rationalizes his lack of involvement in these crossovers, if it involves the Hulk and the Thing – then he really has no business being there.  His radar sense gets all confused and people find out he’s blind – it is a whole thing.

I like how the Previously page is done as if it was the top fold of the New York City Bulletin.  I wonder why it isn’t the Bugle?

Thanks to this page, we (I) learn that Murdock was disbarred for admitting, under oath, that he is Daredevil.  I wonder how he got out of it during Bendis’ run and how he didn’t get out of it this second and latest time.

Now that Matt has been forced to relive this moment (and thanks to his powers, he really got a big dose of the reality) he is seeking more truths regarding his father.  Now, like the Amazing Spider-Man issue, I thought everyone around got everyone’s secrets but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  I guess that’s a good thing.

Matt’s mother became a bride of Christ, or a nun – as they are traditionally called.  I like that they have a cool catchy name.  As a Catholic, I married into it, I like that Daredevil gets to represent the religion.

Matt goes to the church that Sister Maggie (his mother) is a nun at.  The priest and another nun are surprise to see him there.  A nun tells Matt that Maggie isn’t there anymore.  We see that she’s at Ryker’s Island.

Matt has to call in a slew of favors but gets to speak with his mother.  She and two others did break the law but not to the point that everyone says they did.  Herself and Sisters Barbara and Leora – five days ago – found out about a military base with chemical weapons.  They went there and started spray painting the walls with peace signs.

Because it was a military base’s wall (all your bases belong to us), they were marched to a military tribunal and locked up within 24 hours.  The sisters are going to be transported to Wakanda.  Matt is surprised by this, as am I!

Wakanda, there was a moment in time when Black Panther was the Man Without Fear in Hell’s Kitchen.  Not sure how that came about or how that ended but one would imagine Murdock had to give his blessing for that.

Murdock goes to the warden, he has no answers.  The police don’t even know about.  His contacts at SHIELD (glad that was written in) say that they can’t do anything, it is municipal.  Matt doesn’t even know what the official charge is.  Is the Kingpin behind this?  Is that an option?

Daredevil makes his way into that military base, for some answers.  There is no one there.

He calls the Avengers and his informed that T’Challa is no longer King and his sister, Shuri is the new ruler.  (again?)

Daredevil goes to Hawkeye – not in costume and pretty banged up and barbecuing.  He reminds ol’ Hornhead that Wakanda has a Manhattan embassy.

We get an awesome double page spread of Daredevil in a closet, listening to everything in the building.

Finally, he hears something.  An American general is meeting with a lieutenant.  There is an exchange of a flashdrive.  Before the general can grab it, Daredevil does and puts it in the tip of his billy club.  Which I didn’t know it had compartments like that.  Pretty handy!

The lieutenant was expecting Daredevil and has a sonic alarm ready.  If everyone knows who you are, why even wear a superhero costume?  Also, this must have been the plan the entire time.  Or at least, once they figured out who they had in custody.  But I imagine Maggie’s real name wasn’t that easy to Google.  Or is it?

Daredevil has been awake for 36 hours and his foe has been completely prepared so he quickly loses the fight.

The general takes a chair to Daredevil’s back.  E C DUB E C DUB E C DUB

The lieutenant (a rank, I don’t know how to spell on my own and don’t care for typing it everytime) gets his flashdrive back.

They pick up Daredevil’s body.  He mutters that they are Americans and this can’t be done on American soil.  The lieutenant laughs, they were on Wakandan soil.  With that, Daredevil is thrown through a window.

They drop the billy club and keep bragging about their success.  Once they heard Daredevil was asking around, they moved up the time table and the sisters have been sent away an hour ago.  Daredevil never had a chance and now he’s surrounded by trash.

The lieutenant makes a great observation that the general might as well help out as Daredevil is blind and can’t identify him.  Except for his smell and sound of his voice but that’s not really the problem at the moment.

I doubt the next issue has a flashback to Original Sin but I really liked this issue!

Waid and Rodriguez did an amazing job as did the Lopez and Caramagna.

Great job team!

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Ellen Page : What If Kitty Pryde Met Juno

I saw this over at Tumblr and thought it was worthy of sharing here!

Ellen Page Kitty Juno 1

Ellen Page Kitty Juno 2

If Kitty met Juno, what would she say?

Um, use a condom.

So funny!

I wonder if Patrick Stewart has ever watched Juno and if not, was he just confused during this exchange?  I bet he would like the film, I like it.

Still don’t like Bateman’s character in Juno but everyone else is pretty fantastic.

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Amazing Spider-Man Volume Three Issue 4

Amazing Spider-Man V3 4

Writer Dan Slott

Penciler Humberto Ramos

Inker Victor Olazaba

Colors Edgar Delgado

Letterer Chris Eliopoulos

They found a way for me to buy another Spider-Man comic!  As far as I know, this is the only benefit of Kitty being in Original Sin 2.  Just like Nova 18 that has Magik as one of the background characters, now Kitty is in this issue.  I had to add that Nova issue to my wishlist.

Amazing Spider-Man V3 4 Kitty Pryde

Amazing Spider-Man V3 4 Kitty Pryde Thing

Thanks to my pal, a0040pc, over at the X-Books forum of Comic Book Resources, for hipping me to the fact that Kitty was in this issue.  Also, thanks to the nice gal at Hastings who actually knew enough about the comic section to be able to pull a copy for me!

Spider-Man asks Kitty Pryde to tell the other X-Men that he was mind swapped with Doctor Octopus.  So that’s how the Superior Spider-Man era is going to be summed up by Peter.  That is the best way to do it.

I want that scene of Kitty having to tell maybe three other X-Men about Spider-Man and having them shrug their shoulders like they don’t care.  I guess she should just tell the other X-Men who were with her during Avenging Spider-Man 16 as that’s been her only interaction with SpOck.

But all of those X-Men are now Jean Grey School peeps, so she should also not waste time talking to any of them.

Before we get to the awesome page with Kitty there is some story to enjoy.

I’m not sure if that is Kitty under Thing’s right hand but in case that is her, there’s the image!

Thankfully there is a recap page as the issue just swings in.  Previously – when Doctor Octopus was enjoying Peter’s body as the Superior Spider-Man, he finished Peter’s doctorate and started a company entitled – Parker Industries.  Also, a relationship with Anna Maria Marconi, who I know the Internet has really enjoyed.

Apparently now, Anna knows that Doctor Octopus was in Peter’s body so I imagine they are no longer romantic.  That must have been a pretty big blow to her.

Issue opens at Parker Industries over on Pier 64.  I imagine the number 64 is from the year Spider-Man debuted.  Actually that would have been 63, but Doctor Octopus is 1964 so that’s probably that.  His legacy!  Actually that was issue three and came out in July 1963, so that’s what I get for assuming things.

Also previously, Black Cat is mad at Peter now – she probably doesn’t know about the mind swap.

The scientists are experimenting on Anti-Electro Netting.  The other co-workers don’t know he’s Spider-Man, so I wonder how Peter/Otto covered the research being Spider-Man villain based.  Otto wouldn’t have cared so I wonder if Peter just goes with it too.

Peter gets summoned by the Avengers, Code Omega.  Even though this means it is a giant threat, he is happy that the Avengers are willing to listen to him and have him participate again as SpOck really ruined his friendships within the hero community.

We get to the pages from above.

Spider-Man is shown that the spider that bit him on that fateful day, bit someone else!  A lady someone else!

We also see that Ezekiel approached her like he did Peter, back during JMS’ Spider-Totem days.  Which I remember as the last good Spider-Man era.

Spider-Man takes off like we saw in Original Sin 2.  He heads to Ezekiel’s old building.

There is an editorial note from Knowledgeable Knick, that states that it was way back in Amazing Spider-Man : Coming Home trade, which I would recommend.  That fight with Morlun was intense!  Also, Morlun seems to be the Big Bad of the upcoming Spider-Man Mega Crossover – Spider-Verse.

During Spider-Island, Madame Web told him that if he ever decided to stop being Spider-Man, there was one who would replace him.  This is the one.

As soon as Spider-Man has made his way into the building, an automatic message from Ezekiel starts playing.  Which must have been super awkward for him to record this.  In the case that he died but Morlun didn’t kill Peter.  Reminds me of Classic Magneto from the first 25 issues of X-Men from the 60s.

Spider-Man calls out for Cindy Moon, he knows her name thanks to the Secret Bomb (which was one of Utau the Watcher’s eyes).

She tells him not to open the door as that will signal Morlun.  He does it as he is under the impression that Morlun is dead.  Which I can’t recall how that story actually ended.

He opens the door, she comes out mad as she told him not to do that.

Far, Far Away.  Morlun senses the Spider-Bride.  uh oh

While Cindy attacks Spider-Man, he notes that her speed is faster than his.  He believes he is stronger.  Her reflexes / spider-sense is better than his.

Cindy is ecstatic that she is free now that she knows Morlun is dead.  She starts heading outdoors and Spider-Man tells her to stop as she isn’t covered up.  She gets it, she needs a super hero costume.  She webs herself up and already has a name … Silk.  Not horrible but that make shift costume needs work.

It appears that her webbing is organic and she has full control over it.

They start webslinging across the city.  She’s aware of him and his moves.

Over at Parker Industries, Black Cat is taking pictures of how the place operates.  She’s trying to obtain all of their secrets.

Spider-Man’s spider-sense is guiding him to her.

Silk has made to to her parents’ home but they no longer live there.  I can’t tell if she has always been in that box since the day she was bit or was that a relative new situation.

Both of them have lost family due to that darn spider’s bite!

Silk wants to know how long she didn’t have to stay in the bunker.  Spider-Man tells her that he fought Morlun twice and both times Morlun died, which seems right to me.  I thought he had killed Morlun (something to do with electricity) and that he had returned to torment Peter some more.  After the first fight, Peter was so tired that he went home and slept with his costume on.  Prior to the fight, Peter went around giving his good byes so his aunt came over to check on him and that’ s how she learn that Peter Parker and Spider-Man were one and the same.

Silk starts slapping Spider-Man, if he’s died twice then he can come back a third time and thus, she should never have come out of the bunker!

Silk’s webbing, the tip of it is barbed.

So she is mad at him and hitting him, then they just start making out as the issue ends.

I highly doubt that the next issue has Original Sin flashbacks so this ends my Spider-Man revisit but it was a fun romp.

Morlun first fought Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man Volume Two issues 30 through 36.

Amazing Spider-Man Volume One’s fourth issue was Sandman’s first appearance.  That’s the problem with these renumberings – taints all of these famous first appearances.  Amazing’s second volume’s fourth issue had Sandman and the Fantastic Four – see that at least respects the original numbering and how scared it all should be.

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Kitty Pryde Novels

I didn’t see a list like this, so here is an initial one.

If you like your stories without visuals – here is a list of Prose Novels that feature Kitty Pryde :

Watchers on the Wall by Christopher L. Bennett

The Return by Chris Roberson

Planet X by Michael Jan Friedman

I haven’t had a chance to read these but they have Kitty in them :

Astonishing X-Men Gifted by Peter David

Days of Future Past by Alex Irvine

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Uncanny X-Men Volume Three Issue 23

Uncanny X-Men Vol 3 23

Writer Brian Michael Bendis

Artist Kris Anka

Lettering & Production VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Artist Chris Bachalo (possibly his easiest cover gig!)

Issue opens, last year.  The Battery – Charleston, South Carolina.  This married couple Matt and Julia are having a fight.  They were on a trip and he brought his computer (work) with him.  While fighting, Skrulls attack and kill her and destroy the bed and breakfast they were staying at, that most likely, their child was staying behind at.  But did they bring a third adult to watch the kid or is the child back at home and safe?

Today.  New York Law of Jennifer Walters.  She is on the phone with someone.  She stumbles on a website stating – She-Hulk and Hercules, Walk of Shame.  Which I like how Marvel shows that she is a sexual woman, but they don’t need to harp on the negative side of effects of that, or make jokes about it.  She’s single and in the city, let her be.  She gets an envelope and is taken by surprise.


Uncanny X-Men V3 Magik 1aUncanny X-Men V3 Magik 1b

Emma and Magik, with Magneto, are trying to help Dazzler deal with what has happened to her.  They are certain that Mystique is in hiding.  If they were sure that she was around, Magik is confident that she could create a spell to reveal her.  Surprised it took someone this long to think of that.

The New Xavier School Secret Campus.

Uncanny X-Men V3 23 Kitty Pryde

Sorry, couldn’t find one with the lettering but pretty much, if you read AvX 11, you know this scene.

See that tiny lady by the tunnel with her arms crossed?  That’s Kitty!  Looks like the All New X-Men are having a snowball fight.

Cyclops is looking at their Cerebra.  He’s remembering his last exchange with Xavier, his last words to him were – You are not my father.  Which I can only imagine he said as smugly as possible.

Tempus comes to him, to check on how he is doing.  He still feels out of sorts from the Nano-Sentinels.  He asks her what happened to her in Tabula Rasa.  She still isn’t ready to talk to him about it.

Like a dick, he tells her that the Cuckoos already told him and he’s been waiting for her to confide in him.  So maybe the Cuckoos are the dicks?  But that’s sort of the line they walk, so I can’t say I’m surprised.  So that’s Tempus, the Cuckoos (who she told them to keep quite about it) and Cyclops who know – but we don’t and I read that there is an annual that will come out, eventually, that explains it.

Tempus is older now.  Though I can’t tell, except that her hair is longer.

Tempus is mad at Cyclops for knowing and for telling her the way that he did.

The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.  Westchester County.  The first panel is She-Hulk crash landing into the ground.  Did she jump from a plane or something?  Seems like she could have just walked out and gotten someone’s attention.  Weird

She-Hulk has the Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier and needs the X-Men to gather.

Xavier School.

Uncanny X-Men V3 Magik 2

The away team comes back.  I like how Triage’s first question is if anyone needs healing.  He knows his role on the team.

Cyclops wants to know if Dazzler is joining the team, I guess he has a website he wants to update.  He asks Emma and Magik if he should talk to Dazzler, both of them saying, No, is a fun moment.  Scott Summers, not one to make a situation better.

Emma tells him that he wants to talk to someone, he should talk to Hijack.

Before he does, he asks Magneto if he is joining the team again.  That website needs attention!

Cyclops and Hijack have a nice conversation.

Uncanny X-Men V3 23 Magik 3

Hijack is back on the team and may be the strongest member of the team.  See that bottom panel?  Goldballs is in his classic uniform, that’s pretty awesome!

Dazzler is in the bathroom.  She sees a pair of scissors and her eye shadow is all over the place.  Oh Dazzler, I’ve seen the cover to the next issue, don’t do that to yourself!

Newberry, South Carolina.  Today.  Matt runs into his sister-in-law, Alana.  She wants to see how he is holding up but he doesn’t want to talk about it.  He gets angry at her and explodes.  So now his poor in-laws have two dead daughters.  That guy needs to be put out of his misery!

Jean Grey’s School for Gifted Youngsters.  In a terrific comic book scene, She-Hulk asks if Xavier is dead or dead dead.  I can’t imagine superheroes even have wills, as they may come back in a year and would want their stuff back!  The rule should be, if they are not back in five years, then read their will and hand out their stuff.

She-Hulk needs everyone named in the will needs to be present for the reading.  Which means – Storm, Beast and Iceman, have to invite Cyclops to the reading.  Which really, should not be a big deal.  He was just there and they seem to have ended the story on a high point.

Also, don’t be babies about it.  Jen needs to read the will to those present so just let her do her job!

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Britney Haynes

From Big Brother 12 & 14

20 of the best pictures I could find!  She’s also super funny but that’s hard to come across in photo form so I’ve added some YouTube videos at the end.  Enjoy!

Britney 0

Britney 1

Britney 2

Britney 3

Britney 4

Britney 5

Britney 6

Britney 7

Britney 8

Britney 9

Britney 10

Britney 11

Britney 12

Britney 14

Britney 16

Britney 17

Britney 18

Britney 19

Britney 20

Britney 15

Britney 13

Here are some funny moments!

Thanks to YouTuber robandamberfan

Thanks to YouTuber Jami Deni

Thanks to YouTuber TeamBritney1

Thanks to YouTuber defense026foxcn2

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All New Ultimates 5

All New Ultimates 5

Writer Michel Fiffe

Artist Amilcar Pinna

Color Artist Nolan Woodard

Letterer VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover Artist David Nakayama

How great is that over!  Glad the logo and other business doesn’t get in the way.

Speaking of great art, Pinna really stepped it up this issue!

Thanks to ComicVine for these first three pages :

All New Ultimates 5 Page 1

All New Ultimates 5 Page 2

All New Ultimates 5 Page 3

Issue opens in Chelsea, New York City.  Spider-Man, Black Widow and Kitty Pryde are fighting some street crimes.  I like these three together as they are the main stars of the title – the A-Listers.

I like Jessica’s new costume, that brown jacket was getting in the way, now it just looks like the black costume of Spider-Man, which works for me with the half face mask.

Since this is a low level street gang, the heroes can banter and have a good time.

Kitty was fighting in the middle of the street, which one shouldn’t do, but she can phase so the car that comes onto her, just goes right on through.

Abandoned Hell’s Kitchen Cathedral, aka, Ultimates Headquarters.  Last issue, Dagger hinted that her and Cloak have never been sexual together without using their powers.  we get a page that hints at what she meant by that.

Midtown Manhattan.  Diamondback, I really like how the characters are introduced with captions as I can’t keep the Serpent Skulls straight.  Crossbones is with her.  They are having Bombshell withdraw money from her account.  Apparently she doesn’t have much money – how could she?

Poor Bombshell is still under Diamondback’s drugs so she is just going through the motions.

The cops we have been following, show up and talk to the three heroes.  We learn official police policy is to not work with the costumed heroes.  But Detective Bridig O’Reilly isn’t a fool, she knows that the Ultimates are the best chance they have to take down the gangs.

Spider-Man gets summoned to HQ via their pagers.

Kitty puts her arms around Black Widow’s neck so that Jessica can swing them over to the church.

Bart Rozum, who is O’Reilly’s Criminal Informant, is high on the drug but reveals where the heroes are headed.  Apparently, their home base is going to be the worst kept secret.

The three heroes meet up with Cloak and Dagger and they are confused as Bombshell must have summoned them but she is nowhere to be found.

This is, of course, a trap, and the lower ranked members of the Serpent Skull come and a fight starts.  Crossbones jumps into the fight as we see Bombshell and Diamondback are in the rafters.

West Side highway Slum.  Scourge is hiding in a closet and overhears two detectives talking about the fight at the church.

Diamondback wants Bombshell to blast Cloak.

Another gang member, Cobra, shows up and brags about how they didn’t bury Poey, they just threw his dead body into a dumpster.

Diamondback makes the mistake of directing Bombshell to aim for Cloak’s head, just like they did with her dead boyfriend.  This snaps Bombshell out of her trance and she just unleashes all of her potential.  The church is on fire and the issue ends with Bombshell promising to kill all gang members.

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Big Brother 16 : Wednesday – September 24, 2014

Who won the first part of the final HoH competition?  Who won the second?  Who took who to the third round?  Who won?  Let’s find out!

In the final thirty minutes of Survivor, we cut to Big Brother.  I can’t believe the outfit Chenbot is wearing!  Like, it is finale night, not Tuesday morning.

We got a, But First!

Derrick and Cody were seen rehearsing their speeches. Victoria was just putting on her makeup.

Chenbot does wear a lot of black.

Three twists – Battle of the Block / Team America / Rewind, not that many twists this summer.

Those who were eliminated – Pao Pao / Joey / Devin /Brittany / Amber / Jocasta / Hayden / Nicole / Donny / Zach /Nicole / Christine / Frankie / Caleb

I missed Derrick’s, but Cody flirted his way to the end and Victoria floated to the end.  Harsh, Chenbot, harsh

41 minutes into Part One.  Victoria dropped.  They were not that high up.  57 minutes into it.  1 hour, 17 minutes.  Derrick is dropping.  Cody is the winner of Round One, he moves to Round Three.

Round Two will be mental.

Doctor Wil Kirby!  Doing what he did last year, moderating the Jury.

Part Two is just like the one from last year that Doctor Ian won, same concept.

The times -

Derrick : 15:29

Victoria : 30:03, I like when numbers do that.

Derrick has won Round Two.  He faces off with Cody in Round Three.  Round Three is silly, when they guess how a juror would end a sentence.

Doctor Wil is with the jury as the second to last juror joins them.

Caleb and Frankie are bickering

Dr. Wil has no time for it.

Manipulative, is a hard word to spell and say.

Caleb knows that Derrick has never been nominated.

Derrick was fake praying with Jocasta.  She loses Dr. Wil at some point.

Donny got to speak!

The votes might be closer than I would like.

No one has any faith in Victoria.

These jury meetings are never worth watching, also, it is too early to do this.  I missed when the final two started the finale and the third to last person actually went to the jury house.

What is Victoria wearing?  Like an Egyptian princess.

Third Part :

Round One – Caleb / Derrick got the point

Round Two – Frankie / Both got the point

Round Three – Christine / Both got the point

Round Four – Donny / Cody got the point, tying it up

Round Five – Zach / Derrick got the point

Round Six – Nicole / Cody got the point, tied

Round Seven – Hayden / Both missed the point

Round Eight – Jocasta / Both missed it again

Tie Breaker – How long was the first part, in seconds.  3013, Derrick.  3120, Cidy.

3620, is the answer – Cody won!  Oh no!

I don’t get why they added the scales to the third part, they don’t really show the rise and fall of the players.

I want to watch, The Best of Me.  James Marsden and Bridget Mohanagan, yes please.

They just showed an ad that Frankie will be on The Talk, so he probably won America’s Favorite.

Cody has to eliminate Derrick or Victoria.  One is a bro decision, and the other is an easy win.

Cody, so fast!  He picked Derrick!  Hitmen won the game, yo!

45 minutes left of the show, that’s a lot of nonsense before the winner announcement.

Decent interview with Victoria, Julie Chen.

The jury gets to ask questions, this is usually a waste, as well.  But Survivor does it, so Big Brother has to, as well.

What I don’t get, the jury has to agree with the questions that are asked.  Most seemed like questions that Production posed.

Derrick admits he has blood on his hands.

Cody has to defend that he wasn’t the second fiddle.

Derrick had to use his family to gain votes.

Cody’s biggest move was getting Zach to stay in the house for a second week.

Derrick survived 55 opportunities to be nominated.

Why pose questions that are clearly part of the two’s final speeches?

Victoria got to ask an unapproved question, it was a good one.  Derrick was always going to take Cody.

Final Speeches -

But First!

Cody, he wasn’t the puppet.  He probably has an idea of how the jury is going.

Derrick, played a good social game.  He won four HoH.  He didn’t mention how he owned the house but probably got the impression the jury knows.

Jocasta probably voting for Derrick

The one comment the jury gets to make as they vote, are a tad funny.

Zach revealed who he voted for, but I don’t know where the final two are from.

Victoria is the Hitmen’s younger sister.

Victoria is voting for Derrick.

I sort of don’t care about the Pre-Jury elims.

Pao Pao brought her boobs!

Julie Chen reveals the Team America alliance.  Cody and Derrick are able to watch this.  Nicole guessed two of the three.  Not Zach, Derrick.  I liked the code word concept. Apple pie!

Derrick had to do the narration.

Amanda & Zach / Thefts / Rat Patrol

Derrick reveals he is a Police Officer not a Parks and Rec guy.

Derrick’s casting video has a sick green light.  Didn’t matter, obviously

Ten minutes left!

Day 97

The Votes -

Jocasta – Cody

Hayden – Derrick

Zach – Derrick

Donny – Cody


Nicole – Derrick

Christine – Derrick

Derrick one more vote!

Frankie voted for Derrick!  It is official, Derrick is now one of the three best players, to win, Big Brother!

Caleb & Victoria voted for Derrick – 7 to 2

America’s Favorite Player – Donny with over five million votes!

Ten million votes, a new record

Zach – Nicole – Donny, Top Three

Donny gets $25,000

Derrick just gave his wife all of the money!  I would keep five thousand, and do the same.

Derrick will be on The Talk.

This season ended like it should!  So excited!

Thanks to all of the new Big Brother liked minded visitors who came by these past few months.  Here is to hoping some of you became comic fans, or already were.  If not, see you next year!

 BB16 Victoria Finale Egyptian Princess

 My wife reminded me that thanks to Team America’s final task – Derrick won an additional fifty thousand dollars.

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All New Doop 4

All New Doop 4

Writer Peter Milligan

Artists Federico Santagati and David Lafuente

Color Artist Laura Allred

Letterer VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover Art Michael & Laura Allred

Sometimes a comic has two artists and it is hard to tell the two apart but this issue, it is super easy to tell Santagati and Lafuente apart.  If it looks smooth and cartoony – it is Lafuente.

The Doop Origin Issue!

Karolinska Hospital.  Sweden 1957.  The Hospital Room of Film Director Ingmar Bergman.

Now, I know all types of things about Ingmar Bergman as I’m a huge of Alex Withrow’s So It Begins blog :


I thought it did a career retrospective of Bergman but I swear, every six or so posts, involves Bergman.

From the comments of the ones I thought were the post I was thinking of, he is working on the giant The Directors : Ingmar Bergman post.  it is a great film blog, and you can lose yourself for hours and maybe days now.

We learn Doops are born from imagination.

Outside the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.  Now.  We see that Mama Doop is extremely abusive.

We get the flashback, by Lafuente.  Santagati does most of the other art.

Papa Doop left home.  Doop always blames himself for it.  He was too inquisitive.  Mama Doop didn’t like being a single parent and that’s, sadly, when the abuse started.

Beast’s Lab.

All New Doop 4 Kitty seen

This is the only time we see Kitty.

I wish I remember Battle of the Atom better as I’m sure they must have cut to a different scene after Wolverine got stabbed by Raze, as we get nearly a full comic’s worth of story after that scene.

Back to Doop’s origin.  He finds a camera and starts filming, which is very therapeutic for him.

X-Statix gets a lot of page time during this.

All New Doop 4 Kitty mentioned

One of the More Lugubrious Bars in the Margins.  Mama Doop mentions Kitty, stating she is an inappropriate unobtainable obsession.  Which seems rather harsh but she’s that type of lady.

She reveals the information that Raze threaten to blackmail Doop with.  Of course, we are not told it but we see that exactly two minutes later, Doop is losing his mind with rage.

Then there are like a hundred evil Doops now.

Anarchist shows up to assist Doop.  He’s going to get some backup.  All the Doops break through the Margins and are now in Beast’s Lab.  Wolverine agrees to help Anarchist.

In a fun scene, Wolverine states that he misses X-Statix and that they should come back.  Anarchist states that maybe they will.  So look out for any announcements for a X-Statix report.  Which, if Doop makes references to his time with Kitty Pryde, then I would buy those issues.

Issue ends with Mama Doop being confronted by Wolverine.  He wants to know what she told Doop, and so do I!

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Greatest Fictional Character of All Time

With the success of “Kitty Pryde Blog” getting us from the 16th page of Google to the 3rd page (at the bottom of it but still!) let’s see what happens with Greatest Fictional Character of All Time!

We did get another visitor from Portugal, hello!, so that was nice!  Now we are sitting with nine from South Africa and Peru!

I just checked all 28 pages of search results and we didn’t make the list this time.  There are several sites that I think we deserved to be ahead of.

Just to make sure, for new visitors, the Greatest Fictional Character of All Time is Kitty Pryde, the X-Men’s Shadowcat!  Co-created by John Byrne and Chris Claremont.  Her first appearance is Uncanny X-Men 129, published date January 1980.  The title of the issue is “God Spare the Child.”  It was inked by Terry Austin.  Colored by Bob Sharen and Lettered by Tom Orzechowski.  Roger Stern had the honor of editing the issue.

EDIT TO ADD – We are on Page 22 of Google’s Search Results for “Greatest Fictional Character of All Time” but not for this post but in general – which is still find.  Also, we are number two for “Kitty Pryde Blog” which is amazing!  Thanks everybody, couldn’t do it without all of you visitors!


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