Big Brother 16 : Sunday – August 31, 2014

Who won HoH?  Who is nominated?

The HoH competition isn’t an endurance challenge, it is just a prolonged battle.

Nicole has to win HoH, she’s the main target.

I never understood why they never just sit on their butt for the down slope.

Also, why not put some of the liquid in your mouth, adding that much more to the end pot.

Any other season, whoever went for the side cash would be the target for the week.  That won’t happen this year with Derrick running the house.

Two hour mark, that has to be exhausting.

Feel bad for those who don’t win, but got close.  All that work for nothing.

Another strategy, fill the cup, then slide the cup down the slope.

Chenbot is going to be on Letterman this week.  When the boss’ wife wants to be a guest on your show, she’s going to be on your show.  Deal with it.

Nicole looks cute in that blue tank top in the diary room.

Derrick secured the five thousand dollars and the five thousand hollas.

Derrick just sits out for the rest of the challenge, that would have gotten him some looks, any other year.  There is no way for him to win it, but at least try to compete.  Victoria might as well sit out at this point, as well.

Caleb won and is now the Head of Household.

Frankie and Nicole hug Caleb, in the most awkward way.

Is that Jalapeno Burger from McDonald’s, any good?  Priced right at two dollars, but I feel like it is way to many jalapenos.

Twenty minutes of the program dedicated to the HoH comp, something the die hards would have known about the next day.

Everybody is exhausted after the comp.

Team America should be over now.  Frankie telling America he doesn’t care about us.

Caleb really hurt his knee, he’s all banaged up.

Does Big Brother have casual fans?

I love my wife’s laugh, but I can imagine it would get tiring after a while in the house.  I don’t know, I’m drawn to it.

Is the boyfriend in the Wendy’s Gouda Chicken sandwich commercial the same guy from the value Streak Burger commercial?

I like how the hollas are a constant reminder that Derrick has real money won already in the game.

Derrick volunteers to be a Have Not, as he knows they know he is cash rich.  Nicole is picked to be the other Have Not.

Nominations – Nicole & Christine

Here’s hoping Nicole wins PoV!

. . .

Happy Labor Day, ya’ll!  Be careful out there!

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Men Without Fear – Frank Miller

Thanks to DareDevilDocumentary for hosting the video!

One of the two great things to come out of the 2003 Daredevil film (well, three if you want to count Ben Affleck eventually marrying Jennifer Garner) was the Daredevil Director’s Cut DVD (which is amazing) and the superb documentary.

They interview – Stan Lee, John Romita, Gene Colan, Frank Miller, John Romita Jr., Joe Quesada, David Mack, Brain Michael Bendis (amazed he doesn’t have a longer segment), and Kevin Smith.

I wish all superhero films eventful DVDs came with a documentary or at least a comic book featurette.  If I had my way, there would be an entire industry of Comic Book Documentaries.  Sort of like E!’s True Hollywood Story but with comics.

I’ve seen these interviews more than I’ve seen the film itself.  I’ve also seen the Director’s Cut more than the film.  I sort of feel bad because instead of the six Jennifer Garner / Elektra scenes, we are given extended other scenes or Murdock in court with Coolio.

This was my first time seeing Frank Miller and hearing him speak.  I really like how everyone after Miller holds him to such height of respect.  He may not have created Daredevil but Frank Miller defnintely put his stamp on the character and it is a shadow that neither will pass.

Thus, we end Frank Miller Month here at S&FwM!  One more Event Month (it is barely that) in November and we don’t have another one until February’s annual Lockheed month.

Get Excited!

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Uncanny X-Cast Episode 159

So Many Bumpers -

Brian and Rob aired my second voicemail on the show!  I’m just accepted that my voice is super annoying to me and am now going on the road with it!

My voice mail and the discussion that follows is from 31:30 to 33:34.

I knew they were not teachers but were support staff of a sort, which is what I was when I worked at NAU-Yuma.

Such a good episode!

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Big Brother 16 : Thursday – August 28, 2014

Who went home?  Who is the new HoH?

Julie Chen looks like summer time.

Christine’s husband is going to be spotlighted!  Been meaning to post his Twitter handle, but wasn’t sure if that would be cool or not. If CBS airs it, I will type it.

Chenbot just announced that Nicole might make BB history via being HoH, losing her title, being evicted, returning to the house and now, maybe leaving again.  All in two weeks.  I guess that’s trivia.

Derrick hid and scared Nicole.  #UndercoverCop

I’m trying those Cappuccino flavored Lay’s Chips.  It was the only flavor I was tempted by.  It sure tastes like a Cappuccino, as advertised.  I got a small bag.  If they sold bags even half the size of the 3 ounce bag, I would try the other two.  Actually, there is a fourth I haven’t seen in the stores – Cheddar Bacon, Mac & Cheese.  I could get behind that one.  The other two are – Mango Salsa & Wasabi Ginger.  I wanted to submit a Shadow and Flame with Magik flavor, but couldn’t agree on the ingredients.

There is talk of saving Donny, I would like that.

Team America Task, when Chenbot asks one of the members what they want to eat, if they are a Have Not.  They say, Apple Pie, if Chenbot says yes, they have earn the money.  If no, no money.  I’m betting Chenbot acts up the line and it is so ham fisted.

Are they going to save Donny!?!

Oh man, I might be able to finish this bag of chips.  I really liked that Chicken and Waffles flavor.

My wife called it, Endurance HoH!  They haven’t done one since Caleb won the very first one and won it super easily.

Chenbot talking to the houseguests.  Victoria is feeling better.  Last week for Have Nots.  No Apple Pies, by a bunch.  They should have saved Donny.

Messages from home?  Lame on Survivor, lame here in the house of luxury.

CBS finally got Ariana Grande on camera!

Chenbot fucking talking to Derrick as he’s crying as he just saw his family for the first time in months.

Christine’s Huband!  So young! @timstinks


They went to Cody’s parents’ house.

Glad the house gives the two shit for their flirtmance.

During the HoH, the houseguests will be tempted with either 5,000 dollars or hollas.  The hollas option seems like a way to annoy the live feeders.

Donny and Nicole’s speeches were lame shout outs.  Booo!

The Votes :

Christine – Donny

Victoria – Donny

Frankie – Donny

He brings up Julie’s hair, I like it straight.  Her floral blouse seems odd.

Donny going home for sure.  Caleb and Derrick voted him out too.

Can Nicole win an endurance challenge?  She is a little lady, smaller people do better, typically, in endurance competitions.

Don’t worry Donny, you’ll be back for some type of All Stars / Vets situation.

If Nicole doesn’t win HoH, this should be the last easy week before the house turns on themselves.  Welk, maybe two weeks with Victoria, still there.

Fucking Chenbot, talking to Donny as if he was a child.

Donny was on the block – seven times!

Poor Donny, couldn’t relate to the kids.  I could stay up late and have a good time.

Donny had to resign from his job to be on the show.  I’m sure, if he doesn’t, that school will get thousands of calls.

Bold and Beautiful wants Donny!  They did the same for Rachel and Brendan, it wasn’t very good.

The endurance competition is that stupid fill-the-bucket challenge.  Lame!

Victoria should just go for the money, she’s super save.

Hopefully this is over by the time the credits roll.

Nope, still not even half way.

Next Thursday, Double Eviction!

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Big Brother 16 : Wednesday – August 27, 2014

Who won Veto?

I forgot how much I like Donny’s wave from the title sequence.

This is a repeat of two weeks ago!  Nicole and Donny were both nominated.

Caleb still thinks Donny is in the military or a super genius.

The only way to get Frankie out is via backdoor.

That is the nice thing about being HoH, you nominate who you want and just let the house deal with it.  Few play that way.

Team America Task – make up a fun challenge and get it done by Veto meeting.  Donny’s idea is just keep him safe for the week.  Did Production not come up with any other ideas?

Once again, I would not let people scheme in my HoH room.

Poor Victoria, has teeth issues.  She straight up passed out in the bathroom.  Good thing Nicole was there!  Nicole shouts for Derrick and he shouts for Production.  Medics come in.

What I don’t get is, Production is watching all the time, why do the houseguests have to shout for minutes before help arrives?  Who pays for her procedure?  Does CBS pay for it and the houseguest gets a bill a month later?

So fumny, Team America Task, America does want them to save Donny.  Especially over something that is suppose to be ‘fun.’

Veto Players :

Cody – Christine

Nicole – Derrick

Donny – Frankie

I do like the Stay / Fold game, people – three years and going – have manage to screw it up.

Oh, CBS, always pimping shows on Big Brother.  I have no interest in that /Scorpion show.  The winner gets to watch the pilot with two others.  Then they get to lie to America.

Out on -

Round One : Frankie is out, Donny won

Round Two : No one out, Cody wins the round

Round Three : Cody wins again

I would be so horrible at this.  I would have to do my head math and then divide that number by two and get a little closer to the actual number.

Round Four : Cody wins the round and wins the Veto.

Four years and counting!  If the guy who is one away from winning, someone else has to stay as well.

Nice of Cody to choose Nicole and Donny to watch the show.

I sort of want to see that film, This is Where I Leave You.  I love that cast.  Bateman, Fey and Britton.  There are other faces I think I recognize but not sure.  Also, my type of film.

Cody nominated Nicole and Donny AND made them Have Nots!?!  That is harsh

The show Frankie makes up is to have the houseguests pretend to be the other eight evicted houseguests.

Frankie – Joey

Donny – Devin

Caleb – Hayden

Derrick – Jocasta

Victoria – Amber

Nicole took offense to Caleb’s impression.  She made an awesome joke about how Hayden could get a girl in the house.

Victoria did an amazing Amber impression!   Amber was never that fun.

I would love Cody to try to backdoor Frankie.

I would vote No on the Team America Task.  I wouldn’t mind giving Victoria the five thousand dollars.

Extant is still on?  Figured even with Halle Berry, if it doesn’t do good ratings, CBS would still cancel it and put it on DVD.

Speeches -

Donny gives a pretty decent speech.  Nicole reference, expect the unexpected.

Cody didn’t use the Veto, lame.

Donny is going home!  Dang it!

 BB16 Victoria Amber Impression


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Emily VanCamp

 Poat 425!


 Emily VanCamp GQ Blow Gum

Thanks to YouTuber jso1966 for hosting the video.

Revenge 2x4 Initiation

 From Season Two, Episode 4 – Intuition.  This website has screencaps of so many shows!  You probably could lose an entire day just searching around it.

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All New X-Men 28

All New X-Men 28

Writer Brian Michael Bendis

Penciler Stuart Immonen

Inker Wade Von Grawbadger

Colorist Marte Gracia

Letterer VC’s Cory Petit

What is with Teen Scott being on the cover?  He’s in space at the time.  When you have to have the comic covers ready three months in advance, it is hard to make sure everything match up.

Years from now.  Beast has clearly gone even more crazy.  He has so many chalkboards covered in writing.  He mutters to himself, he has a clear steam of consciousness, with themes with similar words.

Xavier Junior and Raze greet him.  Raze is impress that Beast actually says, oh my stars and garters.  Xavier Junior corrects Beast, he is Xavier’s son.  Xavier Junior is 18 years old.

Raze hates the Original Five X-Men.  Beast is still trying to figure out how to send them back.

Raze and Beast have a fun exchange of how they are both blue.  Raze reveals his parents to Beast – Mystique and Wolverine.

Junior tires of Beast’s rants and calms his mind.

Whoever heard that I like these location captions really added and extended them for this issue.

Canadian Wilderness.  Today.  X-23 has been stabbed and left for dead.  She heals and gets up, ready for a fight.

The Secret Xavier School Cafeteria.  Mindee Stepford’s psychic hive mind has been overtaken by Xavier.  That is how this is happening.  This is the hive mind.

All New X-Men Kitty Headache

Are the Cuckoo’s last name really, Stepford?  That isn’t good.

Poor Kitty, has quite the headache.

Poor Irma just wants to be killed, instead of hurting her friends and teammates.

In the hive mind – Junior confronts Jean.  He failed during Battle of the Atom because he didn’t take her out first.

Jean asks why Junior is doing this.  Junior wonders why, why, is always the question.  I’m right there with him.  Who cares why, let’s concentrate on how to stop them.

We get an awesome double page splash of the Battle of the Atom Future.  I’ve looked and still don’t see Kate Pryde.  We still don’t know if she is alive in this future.

Madripoor.  Years from now.  The Future Brotherhood of Evil X-Men are gathered.  They keep being defeated by the future proper X-Men.  Beast is tired of fighting his fellow mutants.  Junior tires of all the whining.  He relocks the Brotherhood’s minds so that he can better control them.  Raze wants confirmation that Junior isn’t doing that to him.  Junior just tells him that they are family.  Raze recognizes that that wasn’t a, no.

All New X-Men 28 Kitty and Magik

The Secret Xavier School.  Now.  Kitty makes her second appearance of the issue.  Magik makes her first.  Irma must really be laying it on pretty thick to hurt Illyana with a mental attack.

Raze finally comes around.  He wishes any one present was someone he cared enough about to see them wither in pain.  He wants Cyclops, as he wants to gut him.

Cut to Cyclops, carrying Jean with Emma leading the way.  Emma is in her diamond form, but still can feel the psychic attack.

Cyclops wants to confront Junior.  Jean, calling him Slim, informs him that the Brotherhood is behind him.

Jean wants Cyclops to kill her before she can be used against them.

Junior is still mad that Cyclops killed his father, that makes sense.

Cyclops optic blasts them.  Emma is confused, she thought they took care of these future people already.  Deadpool was dead, last she saw them.

Madripoor.  Years from now.  In a very important scene, Raze comes up with a plan. He sees the mess that Beast is and decides time travel is the answer.  If the X-Men are undefeatable today, just go back to a time when they could still lose, once in a while.

Junior wants to go back and save his father.  Raze doesn’t want to go that far back and undue their existence. Though both are alive in our present, they are just babies.

If they lose, they will just write themselves a letter and try again. Which I don’t get, so would there be multiple versions of them in the present day?

The Present.  Jean reveals she has a new trick, but first . . . Don’t look behind you. As the issue ends with X23 coming down for an attack on Junior.

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Big Brother 16 : Sunday – August 24, 2014

Who won HoH?  Will anything else happen?

Nicole went from jury to back with a fury.  Oh that narrator.  He must have a different set of writers than Chenbot.

Day 63.

Jocasta kissed Nicole right on the lips!

The house is now targeting Donny and Nicole, again.

Nicole and Donny have to win HoH.

Look at Victoria, acting like she is in the gang.

Poor Donny, misreading the Cory and Derrick relationship.

I would have to memorize some of the dinners I make, if I ever went into the house, as I rely on the physical recipes right now.

Caleb did a bicycle kick!  Like we all know, if one tried that in RL, you would fall on your butt.  Just like how the 619 would always be countered in RL.

HoH, it is a quiz with a boxing theme

Six Rounds -

Out on :

Round One – Nicole!  No!

Comic Book Day was 44

Last one to get the answer loses the round

Round Two – Victoria

If you’re allowed to pick your own color, I would like to be Purple for my wife or Green for myself

Round Three – Christine

This is a challenge that Rachel Riley would have won as she kept track of all the days and events.

Round Four – Caleb

Round Five – Derrick

Love how shock Donny was that he got it right on the first try.

The HoH is . . . Cody!  Booooo!

Going to be such a boring rest of the summer.

It is amazing how much Production can do with that backyard.

The most important PoV ever!

Caleb needs to cool it with the hot sister comments.

Has anyone been keeping track of the CDs the HoH have been able to listen to?  This week, Cody got Papa Roach.

I would go with The Calling’s first CD or Soul Asylum’s Black Gold album.

Derrick needs to get Cody out of the house, they both will have the same speech – from Cody’s point of view.

#UndercoverCop is a Hipster Dad

Cody in the room with the lady talk

Nicole needs to work her feminine ways on Cody

Oh Donny, waking up the HoH is the absolute worst way to ask to not be nnominate.

My wife is fond of using the expression – I’m a grown ass woman.  Then there is a situation appropriate second sentence.

Nominations – Nicole & Donny, Dang it!

Nicole found some make up.

They kept the whole key turn / memory wall gimmick.  Cody gave a good speech.  Sounds like Donny is the main target.

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1963 – 2013

So many things turn 50 last year, when I should have done this post, that I enjoy.

The X-Men


Doctor Who

(All in November)

Lucky Charms

The assassination of President Kennedy, I am a sucker for any documentary on the subject.

Zip Codes

Disney’s Sword in the Stone

The Outer Limits

The Fugitive

It is like, 1963, is when the world started becoming recognizable.

Actors who were born : Dave Foley, Michael Jordan (more of a basketball legend), Mike Myers, Johnny Depp, Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear, Lisa Kudrow, John Stamos and Brad Pitt.  Also – Steven Soderbergh, Vanessa Williams, Quentin Tarantino, Jet Li, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Elizabeth Shue and Helen Slater.


Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have A Dream Speech

Captain Crunch

The Smiley Face

Chips Ohoy, I prefer Chewy

Tab Soda

The Great Escape

Naturally, all of these are 51 this year.

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Original Sin 3

Original Sin 3

Writer Jason Aaron

Artist Mike Deodato

Color Artist Frank Martin

Letterer VC’s Chris Eliopoulos

Part Three of Eight

I feel a little tricked by this issue.

On the cast list :

Original 3 Cast List

Kitty and Magik are clearly listed.

But the only panel they could be present in is this one -

Original 3 3 Group

Which I can’t make out which one could be either of them from that upper middle panel with the blue light putting all of the secrets in their heads.

I added the Art Adams’ Interlocking variant cover to my Wishlist as Kitty is definitely on that cover so if I ever get to own that, I will most likely take this issue out of my collection and keep the variant in its place.  Sort of like how I would do with Wolverine and the X-Men Volume One Issue 25 that Carmen Drake is on the cover but outside of a bonus page in the back, Kitty isn’t present at all.

Nick Fury narrates later in the issue that only those heroes (and people) present at this depicted moment are the ones that know all of the secrets that Uatu the Watcher knew – so at least Kitty and Magik now got some gossip that they can enjoy.

Though it also seems like they only know secrets that pertain to them that they didn’t know about themselves.

The big moment from this issue is that Winter Solider not only strands Moon Knight and Gamora on an alien planet – but also kills Nick Fury!  Nick Fury is definitely dead, as Bucky cut off his dead.

The mystery of who has Uatu’s other eye is at least mentioned.  Who has that thing?

Other highlights are :

The Orb is working for Doctor Midas.  Exterminatrix is Midas’ daughter.

Hulk wants to smash Iron Man.  There is a mini to explain why.

Thor knows he has a sister.  There is a mini to explain that.  I predict it will be lame.  Though I like how Aaron is writing it, so it should be important to this overall story.

I wonder what secrets Kitty and Magik now know.

Fury takes Orb prisoner.

Wolverine and Hulk are watching Orb.  I really like how Orb summarizes his guards – a tortured school teacher and a deranged physicist.

Fury tells Captain America that after the secrets bomb – Thor, Spider-Man and Daredevil took off for their tie in adventures.

Captain America won’t tell Fury what he saw.  Did everyone just see one secret about themselves, or did they just focus on those ones?

Fury saw no secrets.  Maybe his brain is already full of secrets.

Winter Soldier, Moon Knight and Gamora see a planet, who isn’t Ego, get shot to death with the same green bullets that Ant-Man / Emna Frost / Black Panther as well as Doctor Strange / Punisher are finding.  The bullets range in sizes.

Winter Soldier abandons his two teammates.

Winter Soldier kills Nick Fury, who I am sure is not a LMD.

I already seen the cast list for issue four and neither Shadowcat or Magik are in that issue.  Maybe I will get issue five.  Time will tell.

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