Uncanny X-Men Volume Three 24

Uncanny X-Men Volume Three 24

Writer Brian Michael Bendis

Artist Kris Anka

Lettering and Production VC’s Joe Caramanga

Jean Grey’s School for Gifted Youngsters.  Iceman is depressed.  I’m sure with the Jean Grey School, that it is all new materials.  None of the old Xavier Mansions are present in ant of the new structures.

She-Hulk wants to know about Cyclops.  Beast comes off, even more whiny about his hatred for Cyclops.

Firestar and Nightcrawler enter the office.  I like the flirtation between Kurt and Jennifer.

Wolverine reveals that he doesn’t own the school, he gave the rights back to Xavier.  Storm now worries that Cyclops owns the school.  As if he would just shut it down once he got the lease.

She-Hulk pretends she didn’t know that Cyclops played a slight role in Xavier’s death.  How could she not?  Its the worst kept secret within the Avengers and SHIELD community.

I do enjoy Rachel standing up for her father, that he was possessed by the Phoenix at the time.  Good for you Rachel AND Bendis!  Good job!

At this point, Beast reveals that he always knew where Cyclops was, he just didn’t care to know.  As once he knew, surely events would conspire that will force Beast to see his former friend.

Beast reveals that they are at the Weapon X facility where Logan got his adamantium skeleton.  Wolverine gives Scott props for the move, it is the last pace he would look.

So the away team is – Storm, Wolverine, Beast and Iceman.

Newberry, South Carolina.  So this new mutant that we never seen, is clearly what Xavier’s will is about.  Just a matter of time before it is confirmed.  We see that nothing around the man is left standing, there is a giant grater and then the rest of the still standing city.

Maria Hill uses an electronic means of communication to speak with him.  She just assumes he is a mutant, even though the possibility of being one of those new Inhumans is out there.  Probably because he wasn’t hatched out of an egg?

The guy’s name is, Matthew Malloy.  Which I just like the alliterative name.

A squad of SHIELD agents show up to wrangle him in and he loses his mind again and explodes.  So add another four people to the list that he has killed.

New Xavier School.

With the incoming X-Jet, both the All New and Uncanny teams are waiting outside.  Jean and Emma exchange a few words and Hank gives us a classic, oh my stars and garters.


We see the back of both Kitty and Magik’s head.  What is it they say about good character design, you should be ale to tell who they are from just a silhouette?  Check!

I am curious who else is officially on the list for Xavier’s will reading.  We know Cyclops but is Kitty?  She ought to be!

We get Dazzler in her new uniform, completely skipping out on the whole reaction of the rest of the team to her new drastic look.  I don’t care for it.  Hopefully the rumored Anka Kitty revised uniform is a step beyond Dazzler’s new look.  Does she have to cut up a new uniform every time an old one gets … more shredded?

They go wake up Cyclops and he sleeps in a ruby quartz sleeping mask.  A little cute.

Iceman tries a joke about if Cyclops ironically put himself in a jail or was it only subconsciously.  Not a good joke as it was a research facility and not a jail.  Beast just goes with it as he is a fool.  He also calls Cyclops, Slim, which also falls flat.  These two don’t know how to do insults when they are actually facing the person.


Cool seeing the entire team together!  I like how Magik has her sword drawn.  Cyclops would like to pass on this little adventure.  He doesn’t want anything that Xavier would inherit him with.


Magik confirms that She-Hulk is, in fact, at the Xavier School and bored out of her mind.  Does Magik not like games on phones?  She can’t be anti-fun, can she?  I mean, of course, she can be but maybe it is due to her having no phone.  Do the X-Men have phones?  I know Wolverine does from Amazing X-Men 8.

Beast offers to give the others a lift.  Which Cyclops turns down, which is smart as that would have been an awkward conversation.  So they are in Northern Canada and have to go to Northern New York.  That has to take at least thirty minutes for the Jean Grey School folks.

Magik can do that in just a second.

I didn’t even see that Wolverine wasn’t outside of the plane.  He stayed inside like a scary cat.

So the Staffers leave.  I wonder if Cyclops is thinking of getting a new base.  It has to be not in America, is the old Outback base still not in use?  Cyclops and none of his teams have any connection to it but I’m sure it would be one of the first places the Staffers check.

The students and All New team want to go.  Only Scott, Emma, Kitty and Illyana will go.  I can see two of them having their names on the will reading list.

Scott is worried that he was gifted the Jean Grey School, he doesn’t want it nor want to do anything with it.


Kitty and Illyana have a fun exchange!  I like how heavy the comic tries to be and how light the characters make it.

Fun gag abot how Hijack thinks it may be a trap.  Celeste offers that if it is, they will have to repopulate the mutant race – thus, they should get started soon.  Goldballs gets scared at the possibility, which is odd but funny.

 Uncanny X-Men V3 24 Xavier married Mystique

So the will reading begins.  I like how She-Hulk just announces that Xavier is married to Raven Darkholme.  Thus, he is Nightcrawler’s step father now.  Also, She-Hulk doesn’t register the name right away.  The gathered heroes do.

Emma’s smile and instant laughter makes the scene that must better.

Nightcrawler’s face is pretty classic too!  I wish we got a moment of Kitty talking to Kurt, that would have been nice.  Maybe next issue?

So that explains that Xavier Jr. wasn’t born out of wedlock, so that’s also a first for Mystique!


Issue ends with Xavier revealing that his darkest secret is that a lame mutant with exploding powers is out there in the world.  It would have to be a lame secret as we pretty much know all of the lousy things Xavier has done.

Did Anka try to make Xavier look like Patrick Stewart, or am I reading into that?

Not much of a cliffhanger, as this was done in Ultimate X-Men once and Wolverine just gave the new teenage mutant a beer and killed him. Pretty easy solution and it should just be repeated here.

Bendis already did that back in 2004, with his second storyline in Ultimate X-Men, issue 41.  It only has Wolverine and the kid in it.  It is New Mutants, Part Two.

This website has the story for the most part :


I won’t be reviewing that issue, ever, as it doesn’t have Kitty Pryde so I don’t own it.

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Shadowcat Blog

I just Googled, “Shadowcat Blog” and got 22 pages of posts but none are ours.  I get that this is completely my fault as I have opted to use her real name, Kitty Pryde, instead of her superhero name – Shadowcat.  Which is a pretty awesome codename and maybe I can go back and forth with it but I’m so accustomed to just typing Kitty Pryde that it is instinct to do so now.

Kitty started using the codename, Shadowcat, at the end of the legendary miniseries, Kitty Pryde and Wolverine.  The story that introduced us to Ogun, one of Kitty’s greatest enemies.

Shadowcat Shadowcat Shadowcat

I appreciate all of you visitors who are letting me play with the Google Search Engine.  Still annoying that the Google Searches that bring people to this blog are unknown so I can’t tell what is working and not working.  At least the threads that they look at gives me a clue but it would still be nice to know what got people here.

We are currently looking for our tenth visitors from – United Arab Emirates, Belgium and South Africa!

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All New X-Men 30

All New X-Men 30

Writer Brian Michael Bendis

Artis Sara Pichelli

Colorist Marte Gracia

Letterer VC’s Cory Petit

There is no handy editorial note, so let me be the one to tell you – this issue takes place right before Uncanny X-Men Volume Three Issue 24.  I wish I knew that ahead of time, as I read it in opposite order.  Which was fine as it didn’t really matter, it was more like a surprise connection.  I like Bendis embracing his inner-Claremont.  That’s something you can do when you write both main books.

Onto the issue :

The issue opens with the next morning, after Angel and X23 had a wild night together.

Poor X23, can’t get away from covers that have her kissing dudes.  She really isn’t that type of character but at least the kissing was implied in this issue.

Warren has taken her to one of his family estates.  Must be nice!  He flew in, without breakfast.

Angel and her went to a nightclub and some jerks try to start a fight Warren and X23 puts a stop to it.  She gets a little too involved in the fight though.  She rips off a dude’s nipple ring (why he has those, I have no idea – especially if he’s going to start fights and such in bars) and is about to claw a dude when Angel grabs her arm.

I’m pretty sure it is super implied that the two had sex.  Which, besides the time she was a prostitute, (how much does Marvel wish that wasn’t part of her back story now?), I believe her only other romantic relationship was with Hellion.  And I’m pretty sure that those two barely kissed.  It was mostly warm feelings and maybe hugs?  I don’t know, I didn’t read New X-Men that much.

One of the jerks pulled on Laura’s hair.  What man does that?

This has been the first time I enjoyed Angel since the days he dated Psylocke.  I guess that is the secret to the character, he needs to be paired with a much stronger and better female character.

There is a line from X23 that she doesn’t know what Warren sees in her.  Jean is prettier than her, which Angel quickly disregards.  I’m right there with him, between the two, Laura is much prettier and such a better character than Jean.  Jean always benefited from being one of the Original Five and also being the sole lady on the team.

Meanwhile, at the Secret Xavier School.  Emma is trying to train Jean.  Just above them on a hill overlooking them – Hank, Bobby and Irma are watching.  Bobby calls Irma his new best friend, which she likes.  I like seeing the All New team and the Uncanny team getting along.  They live in the same place, so there should be more mixing of the two teams.  Plus, the two teams are predominately teenagers, so it makes sense they will huddle together.

Emma tries to get Jean mad enough to attack her.  Jean doesn’t take the bait.  Then Emma does the mess up / cruel thing, and gives Jean Emma’s memories of how she won Scott from Jean.  It is pretty intense!  Jean shouts that it is also highly inappropriate – which it totally is!

Though I’m with Cyclops, if you have a shot with Emma, forget Jean.  Though I would say, get a proper divorce first and end the relationship, cheating is never cool!

I can read Pichilli’s take on famous X-events all day!

I like how red Jean’s hair is.  It really pops on the page.

Jean turns into her full purple body form.  Emma turns diamond.  Fun that they both have secondary forms.

Phoebe takes this opportunity to use her telekinesis, that I didn’t know the Cuckoos had, and dumps a bowl of Apple Jacks on Bobby’s head.

Jean creates an illusion of her as an adult and straddles Emma, which is odd.  Jean isn’t thrilled that her legacy is for shit.  She is mad, all the time.

By this point, all of the students are outside watching the Emma and Jean fight.  Hank and Bobby get the bright idea that they should probably get Professor K.

Thanks to my pal Kaiolino for the first picture :

All New X-Men 30 StarKat Kaiolino

I knew better than this but I totally read this double page spread wrong.  I went traditional route and read the first six and moved down to the second row instead of across the page divide.  I mean, it is a Bendis comic after all, I know better than to do it.  I even sat there and debated (for like a mill-second) if I should just go across or move down.  Usually the next word balloon gives a hint but read the two, it could go either way.

We don’t get a good look at Kitty’s uniform but did Pichelli give her a slight redesign?  It seems like more black space in the middle of her suit.  Which makes it seem wider or something, I don’t know, maybe I’m desperate for her to get a costume design that any change seems like a vast improvement.  It makes her seem older, which I like.

I really like StarKat as a couple.  Even their merged name seems pretty cool.  Oh how I wish we could get these two in a film.  Maybe Ellen Page and Chris Pratt could do a comedy together one day?  That could happen!

I like the constant reminder that Kitty hates space.  She was stuck in a bullet for months, all by herself.  One doesn’t get over that easily.

I also like the idea of people making fun of Kitty for dating a hologram.  That feels like what would really happen.

I like that they are taking it slow, they sort of have to with their unique circumstance.

All New X-Men 30 StarKat 2

Hank and Bobby interrupt my favorite scene of the issue, and for some time, tell her that Emma and Jean are close to murdering each other.

Bobby makes a joke about Kitty breaking up with his older self to date a hologram.  That Bobby better watch his mouth!

I sort of love this issue!  So many great and funny moments!

Kitty asking Illyana what is happening, Illyana shushes her, Kitty whispers her question.  That is awesome.




Magik tells Kitty that the two telepaths are having a psychic battle.  Celeste isn’t able to get into it.

All New X-Men 30 Kitty Magik jokes

I wonder what the two of them have in common?  Probably similarities between young and old Cyclops.

I adore how funny and dry witted Magik is.  I wonder how often she brings up Limbo and her lousy childhood.

There is something about Kitty’s costume here, I really like it.  She looks like a woman there.

All New X-Men 30 final page

Issue ends setting up Uncanny X-Men Volume Three Issue 24, with a lot of the same dialogue for that extra continuity.

Poor Cyclops, missed out on all of this.

Next issue, All New X-Men go to the Ultimate Universe.  The covers I’ve seen have only shown the kids.  I really want Ultimate Shadowcat to meet Kitty Pryde (and hopefully, Lockheed!).

I suspect that Miles Morales is coming back to the Proper Marvel Universe just so he can attend the Spider-Verse crossover that is coming.  That is my theory.

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X-Men Kissing Gag Cover

X-Men Kissing Cover

By Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli

I was going to wait to figure out if this was a variant cover or not but it will be used in the Marvel 75th Anniversary special, for sure.

The highlight is Magik and Doug kissing in the bottom right corner.

The other couples are :

Scott and Emma

Rogue and everyone believes, Nightcrawler – which is up there with Kurt and Amanda

Sunspot and Magma

Mystique and Xavier

Wolverine and Storm

Angel and Psylocke

Beast and Abigail Brand

Iceman on Iceman love

Cannonball and Dani Moonstar

Layla Miller and Jamie Madrox

Deadpool on Deadpool love

Daken and the married Northstar, Northstar no!!!  You are married!

I couldn’t tell if it was Magik and Teen Cyclops but it is the Sevin uniform so that’s definitely Doug.  Either boy, Illyana would break them and ruin them for women everywhere.

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Wolverine and the X-Men Volume Two Issue 7

Wolverine and the X-Men V2 7

Writer Jason Latour

Artists Massimiano Veltri, Marc Deering and David Messina

Color Artists Israel Silva and Brett Smith

Letterer VC’s Clayton Cowles

No Future?  Part One

I got this issue for the very first page!

Wolverine and the X-Men V2 7 Lockheed

Wolverine’s ex-girlfriend, Melita, is working on a book of Wolverine’s life.  Look who she has done research on.  Lockheed!

There is a fun editorial note stating this issue / storyline, takes place before Wolverine 1.  So this issue takes place a year ago. That’s pretty bold.

Thanks to my pal, jarrod, for the heads up that Lockheed was in this issue!

Every Wednesday, I pull up the Marvel Database and keep checking that week’s worth of X-Titles until the cast list appears.  It is a great website, and it is completely free.  The first update, didn’t list Lockheed but once jarrod told me about it, it was up on the website.  Not sure what to do about that, just wait until Friday to check?  I feel like I shouldn’t have to check on an issue twice.  I do feel like this is the second time this has happened to me.  The other time was an Original Sin issue.  I have to come up with a new approach.

Ideally, I would become so known for my love for Kitty Pryde, Lockheed and Magik that people give me a head’s up and I find out that way.  The few times that has happened, it feels pretty great to be thought of and people are looking out for me.  I always appreciate that.

Anyway, back to the issue.

After reading the first issue of Daredevil that tied into Original Sin, and really liking it, I wanted to read more Daredevil.  Casting news of the Netflix show, also keeps my interest up, as well.

Dardevil is in this issue and he is one of the better parts.  The non-Melita / Dardevil sections didn’t do much for me.

Daredevil delivers a Cease and Desist order to Melita.

Meanwhile, at the Jean Grey School.  Iceman is trying to assure Armor after the Battle of the Atom storyline.  Which I like that being used to give us an easy reference.

Armor is upset as she didn’t see or hear of a future version of herself.  Which is an awesome observation by Latour, how do these newer characters deal with all of this time travel and potential?  Do they just accept that they themselves replaced a group of characters and with the exception of one or maybe two, will be replaced by another group of characters. The ones that do come b, usually do so, dead.

Wolverine is dealing with not having his healing factor.  Which one would think that he would find Elixir and have him near by at all times.

Broo enters one of Storm’s classes.  Most of the student body are blowing off classes, as they know the future sucks and nothing they do matters.  I believe that is what has them down.

Later.  Melita confronts Matt Murdock.  Both of them live in San Francisco, at this time.  She knows he is Daredevil, but most do.

Wolverine and Daredevil, along with Doop – are fighting demon ninjas from Hell.  Wolverine, being Murdock’s client, doesn’t want his life story being told.

Jean Grey School Kitchen.  Fantomex is getting drunk and Storm tries to talk to him about Wolverine.

Issue ends with Wolverine asking Storm to dinner.

Reading the recap page, I didn’t think I needed it earlier.  Apparently, Idie went to the future and killed her friend, Quentin Quire’s future self.

I will have to pay attention to this title, to see if any more of Melita’s resesrch makes buying an issue an option.

Seems like this storyline is trying to show Wolverine (as he will soon be dead) but also deal with the previous six issues’ worth of stories.  Maybe the first six also take place prior to Wolverine 1?  Perhaps?

It really doesn’t matter to me.

I wonder if Latour’s script called for Lockheed or did the artist have freedom to draw whatever.  I’m not familiar with the three artists, so I am not sure which did the first page.

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Cover – Uncanny X-Men 168 / Nightcrawler Volume Two Issue 5

Uncanny X-Men 168 Nightcrawler V2 5

168 – Paul Smith

5 – Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson

Such great covers!

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Fun With YouTube : ItsSuperEffective

Post 475!!!

While doing a search for “Kitty Pryde” on YouTube, I found this video by ItsSuperEffective!

History of Kitty Pryde -

It was buried within all of these videos the rapper who use to go by Kitty Pryde made.  Shame that we can’t take those off or raise the comic book character’s profile to make her videos come first.  That’s just me.

He knows his stuff and I’ve only seen one other video :

Days of Future Past -

It sort of is like the idea I had for a YouTube show, if I even knew the first thing about what type of video process is best for the channel.  Who knows, maybe one day I’ll throw my hat in the ring.

He hints in the Kitty History video that he is working on a Battle of the Atom video, once he has that uploaded, I will update this post.

The guy’s name is Faust.

Here is the link to all of his videos -


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Nightcrawler Volume Two Issue 5

Nightcrawler V2 5

Writer Chris Claremont

Artist Todd Nauck

Color Artist Rachelle Rosenberg

Letterer VC’s Joe Sabino

Cover by Jamie McKelvie with Matthew Wilson

Awesome homage cover to Uncanny X-Men 168

Previously in the series, in defeating Amanda’s mother – Amanda has been banished to a different realm and the day was won.

Issue opens with Kurt playing baseball, with mostly himself.  The Bamfs are there too, adding support.

Nauck still draws an awesome Nightcrawler and super cute Bamfs.

Poor Rosenberg, good thing they do digital coloring as she would spend a fortune on blue colors.  Especially once Beast shows up.

Next, we get to the single page that I bought this comic for.  I really need to just look at all the X-related comic previews that Comic Book Resources has.  Instead, I wait until I’m told to look and find out after the fact – that Kitty appears in a comic.

Nightcrawler V2 5 Kitty Pryde

Classic Claremont baseball game!

I wish that Lockheed appeared on this page as there is a clear Uncanny X-Men Annual 7 reference and Lockheed was there for that issue.

Past this page, it has great moments that I really like and a future villain subplot that I have no interest in.

The spirit of Jean Grey shows up to tell Kurt to keep the faith.  Why a guy who just left Heaven, has no faith, is beyond me.

Kurt is looking for a gig at the Jean Grey School.

Rachel and he come up with him being the Danger Room instructor.

I like how for the session, the students don the basic trainee uniforms.  I recognize Armor and Mercury.  I like the squid / lobster guy, Rico is his real name.  There is a death tree looking chap, that I want to know more about.

I checked the comicbookdb page for this issue, and the tree fellow isn’t named.  Shoot!

Rachel dons a costume that I am not sure if she should wear around impressionable young boys.  I like how Rachel programmed Emma Frost to be the villain of the session.

In Maryland, apparently these villains are the Crimson Pirates.  I have no interest in them.  They are seeking a young lady, whose name is Ziggy Karst.  Which I have to think about Ziggy Stardust, whenever I read the name.  That is on purpose, right?

The Jean Grey School.  Storm gifted Kurt with the original Blackbird, the SR-71X.  He is repairing it.

Rico shows up, he is like the modern day Nightcrawler.  I sort of like him.

Storm gives Kurt the mission to seek out the new mutant.  Who, of course, is Ziggy Karst.

Unless Kitty is seen or mentioned, I’m sure this is it for me with this title until the next storyline – I’m sure.

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Theme Song

So I was in the shower the other day, as I do, and I came up with a silly theme song for the site (or maybe it is just for me)

People have been asking if they should call me Mr. Klein or John or what, and this little melody came to me :

Hey, look who it is!

He isn’t just a Kitty Pryde fan

He’s the Most Dangerous Kitty Pryde fan there is

He’s the Johnster Monster!

Don’t worry kids

You don’t have to look under your bed

He’s not that type of monster!

He’s more of a Human Rage Cage type of monster

Don’t get him started on the lack of Lockheed!

Maybe it is more of a poem than a song

Until then, I’ll just have to keep using Fate’s Wide Wheel from the Quantum Leap episode, Glitter Rock sung by Scott Bakula

Thanks to YouTuber Nick Michalak for hosting the video!

I love this song so much!

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Uncanny Avengers 21

Uncanny Avengers 21

Writer Rick Remender

Artist Daniel Acuna

Color Artist Dean White

Letterer VC’s Clayton Cowles

Avenge the Earth Part Four of Five

I haven’t really been paying attention to this title since issue fifteenth.  From what I can gather, the twins – Eimin and Uriel, seem to be winning.  To stop them, the Avengers have sent their consciousness back in time.  I can’t figure out which ones did this.  I know Scarlet Witch isn’t one of them, as they have to explain to her the new plan.

The Past, a.k.a. Now.  Wanda and that lousy jerk, Simon, are in bed together.  For me, it feels like I haven’t missed much as chronologically, this takes place right before 15.  In that issue, Wanda successfully teleported all the mutants to a different planet.  Next, Rogue killed her and was then killed by one of the horsemen.  That event may have happened in an issue around 15.

So Wolverine, Sunfire and Rogue come into their bedroom, not kill Wanda and start course correcting time.  Which is great as now the embargo on Rogue appearing in other titles should be lifted.  Though what the in-story reason is, is beyond me as she would have been alive during those events.  Maybe she was just outside the panel.

Uncanny Avengers 21 Wanda

Also, Wanda looks so strange without her silly headpiece thing in her hair and no red coloring to her hair.

Rogue reveals that it is Wolverine and Sunfire are the ones who moved their minds to the past.  They must have access to movie Days of Future Past Kitty, as that is something that character can do.

The look on Wanda’s face when Rogue tells her that Rogue killed her in the original timeline is pretty dead on.

Uncanny Avengers 21 Doom 2099

Meanwhile, the proper Avengers are forming a plan to stop the Celestial from destroying the Earth.  Iron Man is about to go into the entire plan when Doctor Doom not only sums it up with a mere sentence but also insults him.

Captain America shows up, tells Iron Man that the plan doesn’t work and offers a new plan.

The plan is for Rogue to absorb the powers of all the Avengers.

One change that also happened is that Thor didn’t kill Uriel.  The twins recognize that time has been changed and they try to figure out how that was even possible.

Another fun twist is that the Wasp was originally at the Tachyon Dam where the Grim Reaper is guarding it.  Wasp couldn’t kill him, so that mission failed.  Luckily, this time, they sent Wolverine.

Cut to the Jean Grey School.  Back when Kitty was still there, so we know this story takes prior to Battle of the Atom.  For those who track that sort of thing.

Thanks to my pal, SlickNickShady, for the scan!

Uncanny Avengers 21 Kitty Pryde

I like how Wanda is about to explain the why of the situation and Rogue shuts her up with a simple “these are my friends, they will just do it.”  Of course, the X-Men do just that and Rogue now has the abilities of both the Avengers and the X-Men.

Thor as taken back his axe that started this whole mess.  The axe was used originally by the twins to kill a Celestial and use its energy source to enable their entire plan.  It takes a lot of energy to teleport all of the mutants to a new planet.

Rogue is sent to stop the latest Celestial from stepping onto Earth.  She is able to hold up one leg.  Tony has no confidence in her, the jerk, and Captain America tells him that Rogue is only half of the solution.  Just then, Sentry (also one of the Horsemen) lifts the other leg.  Which I’m not sure if I buy that Sentry equals the strength of all of the X-Men and the Avengers but I suppose now that he is one of the Horsemen, he doesn’t lack confidence or any of his phobias so he has access to all of his strength.  But still, it took Rogue pages to establish her new (temporary) strength level and he just shows up out of nowhere.

Thor now cuts the Celestial’s head, as it is distracted now.

The heroes are about to win when (two words that should not be read aloud together! – go ahead and try.  It sounds awkward to my ears) Kang shows up.  The plan was to have this new energy go to a dying star when Kang intercepts it.

For some reason, I had thought this was the final part of the storyline (that has been going on for an impressive ten issues or something like that) and thought this was going to conclude when this new hiccup happened.

Thor is now missing and victory may not be at hand for the heroes.

Kang now has all of the Celestial energy and is truly now Kang the Conqueror!  Nothing should be able to stop him, especially not his adopted twins.  So I bet they work together with the Avengers to shut Kang down, as enemy of my enemy and all of that.

As Kitty (or Magik) 0nly appear every six issues or so, who knows if I will get the next issue but this one felt pretty epic.  So much happened!

. . .

This was the other comic that I should have reviewed last month.

Happy Columbus Day!  Glad he discovered Cuba, it lead to bigger discoveries.  I haven’t had Columbus Day off since the fourth grade.  The school system made it a non-holiday for the first time in years from what I gathered.  Going forward, up to juior high school, it was always iffy if other students will show up on this day.

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