Comics Should Be Good : 50 Greatest X-Men Stories (Paul Smith Representation)

I am going to do a proper post once all 50 are announced but with yesterday’s post, the entire Paul Smith run has made the list.

Issues 165 to 175, not counting 171

40 Professor Xavier is a Jerk (168)
37 From the Ashes (174 & 175)
24 Dancin’ in the Dark (169 & 170)
16 The Brood Saga (165 – 167)
8 To Have and Have Not (172 & 173)

Throw in the Asgardian Wars two parter (13) and that’s his entire run proper.  He did the, what I would call, the prelude to the two part Art Adams story, but you need to read the Smith issues, as that is where Loki first experiences the X-Men, and promises to leave that cast of X-Men alone, hence why Loki goes after the New Mutants.

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