Comics Should Be Good : 50 Best X-Men Stories, The Results!

Brian Cronin is a true gentleman for compiling this and I respect the heck out of that guy.

Here is the list:

50.  Phalanx Covenant           Only read the Excalibur portion of this, Life Signs

49.  Trial of Magneto              Magneto in France, takes over the New Mutants and joins the X-Men

48.  Wounded Wolf                 Solo Wolverine tale

47.  Magik                               Where Illyanan becomes the character she is today

46.  I, Magneto                       Awesome Magneto battle, he believes he kills Kitty and realizes he is a monster

45.  In the Shadow of … Sauron         Classic X-Men

44.  Imperial                            Morrison

43.  World Tour                      Half of the X-Men believe the other half are dead, leads to Proteus Saga

42.  An Age Undreamed Of    Never quite “got” this story, a fun alternate history story, reminds me of Busiek/Perez’s first Avengers arc

41.  Rise and Fall of the Shi-Ar Empire          Skipped this, don’t care for the X-Men in space.  Shame we lost Nightcrawler and Rachel for a year for this

40.  Professor Xavier is a Jerk!           Classic Paul Smith!  Kitty earning her role on the X-Men.

39.  House of M                     Kitty doesn’t play a huge role but I like that in that timeline, she became a teacher.

38.  Earthfall                           Sequel to the Brood Saga

37.  From the Ashes               The two part Mastermind epic, by Paul Smith

36.  He’ll Never Make Me Cry           Colossus breaks up with Kitty and Wolverine gets Juggernaut to beat the crap out of him

35.  Blood Fued                      Dracula vs the X-Men!  Storm and Kitty in the Mutant X universe are based on if this went wrong

34.  The Rise of the Phoenix   The precursor of the Dark Phoenix Saga

33.  A Green and Pleasant Land

32.  Here Comes Tomorrow   Morrison

31.  Second Coming                Nightcrawler dies in this

30.  X-Tinction Agenda

29.  SuperNovas                     Mike Carey!

28.  Crossroads

27.  X-Cutioner’s Song

26.  Torn                                 Whedon’s best arc and can’t believe it’s the lowest of the ranked.  Danger did not make the list

25.  Mutant Genesis               Claremont’s farewell to the X-Men

24.  Dancin’ in the Dark          The Morlocks’ origins done by Paul Smith

23.  Demon                             John Bryne’s final issue of his legendary run.  Kitty Pryde is put to a test that she has to pass, such a great issue.  I own this as a novelized Marvel Chiller

22.  Magneto Triumphant

21.  LifeDeath                             Storm solo

20.  Planet X                               Morrison, probably my favorite until Marvel undid everything about it.  Magneto on a grand stage and this is the last time Jean died, and she remains dead to this day.  I’m sure that’s the only lasting effect to Morrison’s run now that I think of it.

19.  The Sentinel Live!            Classic X-Men

18.  Second Genesis                The All New All Different team, first apperances of Nightcrawler, Storm, Illyana – which is why I own it for her.  I really need to find that short box and see if I own a first edition or not, it was like $30 on eBay and in a “readable” condition, so I doubt its first edition but I am curious to figure it out

17.  Riot at Xavier’s                Morrison

16.  The Brood Saga                Starts with Cockrum and ends with Paul Smith, probably the only time I liked the X-Men in space.

15.  Fatal Attractions              Magneto rips out Wolverine’s adamantium

14.  Fall of the Mutants          So many characters are changed, Doug dies and Angel becomes Archangel

13.  Asgardian Wars                People usually just think about the Art Adams two parter but there is an X-Men/Alpha Flight mini that sets it up drawn by Paul Smith

12.  Messiah Complex            Kitty is barely in this but its Hope Summers’ first appearance

11.  Inferno                             The storyline that cost us both Maddie Pryor and Illyana Rasputin

10.  The Proteus Saga             The storyline that takes place right before Dark Phoenix Saga

9.  Unstoppable                      A decent story, X-Men in space, Cassaday gets to draw most people’s favorite Marvel characters.  The ending was rough for the three years she was stranded, until Matt Fraction corrected it

8.  To Have and Have Not      Paul Smith, Wolverine’s failed wedding, Storm gets 80s

7.  Mutant Massacre              Kitty and Kurt get so hurt they are sent to England, Excalibur is born later

6.  Gifted                              Whedon’s first arc, put Kitty Pryde back on the map.

5.  E is for Extinction           Morrison’s first arc, Emma joins the team proper

4.  God Loves, Man Kills       Amazing story, basis of X2, really wish they kept it religious instead of military for the movie.  Has more punch that way.

3.  Age of Apocalypse          This gave the world Kitty Pryde with an extreme edge that I really dug.  My disdain for Colossus starts with this

2.  Days of Future Past          Two part story that changed X-Men forever.  Time travel and alternate timelines, plus they come back to this so much.  Battle of the Atom future X-Men are from this, the next X-Men movie uses this as an inspiration

1.  Dark Phoenix Saga           Kitty’s first appearance and Emma Frost’s first appearance.  Kitty never meets the real Jean Grey until so many years later.

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I live in Helena, Montana with my beautiful wife, who is only slightly okay with my comic book reading ways but I love the heck out of that lady and adore that she lets me have this little hobby of mine. On December 16, 2013, we welcomed our son, Walker Dennis into the world and we couldn't be happier!
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