Comics Should Be Good’s Top 24 Christmas Stories, The Results

The top 24 stories have been revealed, and only two X-Men stories made the list.  Which I find disappointing, but it us nice that there are so many Christmas stories to choose from.

24. Superman’s Christmas Adventure 1

23.  Christmas Parade 7

22.  Tangled Web 21

21.  Teen Titans 1

# 20 Uncanny X-Men 230

19.  Hitman 22

18.  Batman 239

17.  Infinite Holiday Special 1

16.  Fables 56

15.  Hellboy Christmas Special 1

14.  JSA 55

13.  Spectacular Spider-Man 112

12.  Four Color Comics 203

11.  Incredible Hulk 378

10.  Marvel Holiday Special 2005

9.  Superman 64

8.  Flash 73

7.  Starman 27

6.  JLA 60

5.  Marvel Team-Up Volume One Issue 1

4.  Four Color Comics 203

# 3 Uncanny X-Men 143

2.  Christmas With The Superheroes 2

1.  Batman 219

A slew of DC comics, a couple of Duck comics and various others.

The Santron comic is pretty fun, look for that one.

Thanks again to Brian Cronin for taking the time to create the list.

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I live in Helena, Montana with my beautiful wife, who is only slightly okay with my comic book reading ways but I love the heck out of that lady and adore that she lets me have this little hobby of mine. On December 16, 2013, we welcomed our son, Walker Dennis into the world and we couldn't be happier!
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