4 comments on “Amazing X-Men 18

    • Oh Colossus, where to even begin? I suppose the easy answer is that he broke up with Kitty Pryde, and being a huge Kitty Pryde fan, I can’t be a Colossus fan.
      First, he cheats on her with Zsaji and the second time, he didn’t heed her advice and became Juggerolossus.
      Second, during AvX, Colossus put crab legs on whales (keeping so many whales!) (AvX 9) and he forced Kitty to go on a date with Kitty, by using the threat of killing all of the students unless she went on the date with the Phoenix empowered fool. (Wolverine and the X-Men 18)
      Third, he isn’t that great of a character, he doesn’t make other characters better. The best part of him is that he dated Kitty and his sister is awesome.
      Fourth, I don’t like how writers keep wanting to pair him and Kitty back up, even though it never ends well. That use to be the constant threat of Colossus.
      Fifth, he’s mostly just the muscle, so he can be replaced by a number of characters. What he can do, others can do, and not even by their main power but by an addition of their power.

      I will give him points for dating Domino, that’s pretty cool.

      Thanks for the question!

      • Colossus was a victim of character assassination over the past few years. It’s fine if you don’t like him, but don’t you think your assessment towards the character is unfair?

      • I wouldn’t say so, as Marvel has tried to redeem and make him important but they always seem to be false starts.
        Another character, Cyclops, had his character pretty much tarnished (with the entire leaving Maddie and baby Christopher for the lesser woman, Jean Grey) but I was able to come back around.

        I left out the part about how Colossus left the X-Men to join Magneto’s side and when he came back, he nearly killed Pete Wisdom (Excalibur 92).
        He has had more low points than high points.
        Whedon brought him back, as a big shock of a moment but didn’t really do much with him.
        Fraction did that good Colossus / Emma story (Love Lorn, Uncanny X-Men 504 – 507) so he can be used well but it rarely lasts.

        What he needs is a writer to just go completely bad arse and keep going in that direction. Hopeless tried, with Cable & X-Force – where we first get the pairing of Domino and Colossus – but I didn’t really read that series, outside of issue six.

        Plus, at this point, I’m committed to this opinion of Colossus and I have fun with it but I’m willing to give him a shot. Hopefully, Lemire can bring Colossus back to his 80s quality, in Extraordinary X-Men.

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