8 comments on “Bounce Patrol

  1. I’ve just came across this post I had the inclination about Will too 😉 if you watch the bababa ba ba ba dup dup bit of their video where they’re all in a line dressed as animals. You see Will nudge Sam as he’s obviously in his way then you see Sam elbow Will back…I’m so sad but I always spot little things.

    • Also, what is the deal with Sam being an elephant? They couldn’t work in that one line showing it to us? They could have eliminated another line, it is a bit jarring once everyone is dressed as an animal.
      Those early videos do look like everyone is going to knock everyone else down or that they filmed everyone separately and then placed them together digitally later. I can never tell as it looks like it could go either way.

    • Also, there is the Halloween video where they are walking across the screen where Will shoots Sam a nasty look – as if Sam stepped on his heel or something.
      One of those things, once your child(ren) seen a video over 30 times, you start looking for anything new in the video.

  2. Haha yes it’s not till I saw the videos a million times I noticed…my little girl loves the videos,I have to say I don’t mind them they’re fun! I’ll need to try watch the Halloween one to spot what you said…though my LG doesn’t really like the Halloween Ines.

    • The Halloween ones are in most of the compilation ones so I’ve seen them so many times! We’ve probably seen the Easter ones more though.
      I do like videos and looking forward to when they finish their Alphabet series and we get that giant beast of a video.
      I’ll have to check which Halloween video it is, it is the one with Sam so if you see Rachel, you know it isn’t that one.

  3. My kid is watching BP everyday now. I really miss Sam in videos, he was somehow true. Rachel is so annoying with that fake smile. You say nothing is sinister but im not sure bout it..especially when Sam left. I dunno, too many halloween songs, why is that? One day in a year and so many songs of witches, devils horns etc etc. I really love BP and found myself singin their songs through the days. Our favorite songs are Kids life & submarine. Thanks for your post. 😊 greetings from croatia/europe

    • Thanks for the nice response!
      I sort of miss BP, it doesn’t look like we have missed too many of their videos but my son has outgrown them or simply has more interest now and it’ll be weird for my wife to walk in on me as I listen to their songs.
      I see they have a Q&A video (or maybe it’ll be called a FAQ video) and they finally completed the A-Z video so maybe we’ll get him to watch those as we do want to keep him learning his alphabet.
      Rachel does take some getting use to, they had such a tight group of four for a long time. But they needed to replace Alyssa for a minute there. I do like those four main ones but Rachel does add something, I like the three ladies to two guys dynamic. Better than the other way around.

  4. Found your old post, glad I’m not the only parent who wonders these things after watching these videos hundreds of times. I def don’t think there’s anything sinister, but things certainly working out well for them. Their net worth is listed at $45 million, not a bad gig

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