2 comments on “X-Men Legacy Volume Two

  1. I never thought you had read Spurrier X-men Legacy. Ok, Kitty has a cameo in #1 issue and Magik appears during arc with Cyclops but I always guessed that Spurrier style of narrative and dialogues don’t br your jam.

    • oh I started picking up the non-Magik issues as the trades were pretty great. Shame Spurrier isn’t doing more (that I know of) but that run of the title is one of the best runs in recent years.
      I super wish that Spurrier was a Producer or Creative Consultant on the new Legion show, as that’s a super missed opportunity.

      I would say though, that was pretty dismissive of the series when it was first announced. Usually we only get one kind of Legion story, mostly in New Mutants (and Legion Quest that gave us Age of Apocalypse) but Spurrier made David Haller such an interesting character.

      Plus that Cyclops fight in the rain is so good!

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