6 comments on “Big Brother 17 – Wednesday – August 7, 2015

  1. Those were really great covers! I’d love to have an artist observe my life for 5-6 weeks and then come up with a cover like that. Although I guess I might not like the commentary on my life/personality. This was a depressing episode for me. I’m a Vanessa fan, although maybe one of the few.

    • Those are sweet covers! At least Vanessa is still in the house. I was riding high on the Vanessa train but then she couldn’t pick up on the hints that Becky was laying down.

      • I’m surprised that Becky survived the Double eviction. I thought for sure Steve would target her. I guess we’ll find out more about what happened with tonight’s episode!

      • I can only imagine that Steve asked John to use the Veto but John must have known that Becky would have gone up. Those two have gotten pretty close, John and Becky, I mean.
        That’s what you never nominate pawns, put your targets up!

  2. So right now Vanessa is Becky s target, but with veto players yet to be chosen and the competition played, a lot can change. Regardless, it should be another dramatic week in the Big Brother 17 house.

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