2 comments on “Years of Future Past 5

  1. are you a bit irritated with Rachel reduced a simply traitor too? I liked this minisseries but facts like this… I disliked. But the many deaths and desesperation climate was great.

    Another questions:

    Did you intend to do another X-men Evolution series review? I love this series but it’s so
    underestimated. You could talk about the episode 50 “Ghost of a Chance” who is a Kitty-Centric episode. In this episode, Kitty saves Dani Moonstar, however, a terror-themed episode and estabilish a oniric-almost-mystic bond between Kitty and Dani. It is sound familiar for you?

    • Yeah, I like that Rachel was included but she was given such a small and traitorous role.
      I just started watching The OC , for the first time, so I don’t believe I’ll be able to get around to watching Season Two of X-men Evolution.
      Though I do like the idea of reviewing that episode. It doesn’t sound familiar. If someone is hosting it on YouTube, I’ll watch it and put up the review. Thanks for the suggestion! That was such a good show. Shame Season Four never came to DVD or Blu-ray. Maybe once Apocalypse comes out, they’ll release the complete series. I’ll buy it so fast

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